Corby M.

Dorchester, NH

Joined August 2020

Recently retired military officer who convinced his wife to travel a bit. She was reluctant at first, but we are enjoying ourselves now.

Hidden Gem

We were looking for someplace to stay near Hickory and we stumbled upon Indian Springs.  I was a little nervous about making a reservation because they only take cash or check, and my research indicated the campground is hard to get to. However, this campground seemed to be the best location for the weekend and they had a site available, so we decided to stay. 

I'm not going to lie, Indian Springs is not easy to get to. The road to the campground is easy to get to from I40, it's the turn onto Whitener Drive off of Costner Road that is not easy. Whitener Rd is fairly steep, but it starts off paved so it's not too bad. However, as we approached the campground's gate the pavement turned to gravel. When we got to the gate, we called to obtain an access code (we used the same code throughout the weekend). After going through the gate, we headed down the gravel driveway, toward the campground. At the bottom of the driveway, the road levels out and you turn into a flat, secluded valley in which the campground lies. 

Check-in was simple and the pull-through gravel site was easy to get to. The site was fairly level, and the electric, water & sewer were well maintained and easy to access. Verizon cell service was excellent because there is a tower close-by. I wasn't sure about WiFi because the Indian Spring's website warns you not to expect much because it is free. That said, the WiFi was the best service we have experienced in the last 3 months on the road. It was fast & reliable, probably because the campground was not overcrowded, and it seems the people who live their full-time have their own service. 

The campground was quiet and well maintained. You can tell the owners really care about their property. Also, there is a path to the nearby river and the dog loved spending time in the water. 

Exiting the campground and driving up the steep hill with the camper in tow was a little challenging, but we made it out without trouble. 

If you can handle driving up and down the gravel road, you will love this campground. It is definitely a hidden gem, and one of the best experiences we have had. We will definitely stay at Indian Springs the next time we are in the area.

Decent Campground

My daughter needed to move out of her dorm at ECU and this was the closest campground that had a site available over Labor Day weekend. We were happy to be as close to her as we could get, and we appreciated being able to stay at this campground for 2 weeks.

This KOA is taking COVID serious, so during check-in they had us stay in the vehicle and call the office. A couple of minutes later, someone came out with paperwork and directed us to site number 2. When I got out to check the site, I noticed there was no sewer hook-up, so I asked one of the grounds crew guys who was nearby. He told me I was not on a full hook-up site. 

I was pretty sure I had booked full hook-up because we planned to be there for 2 weeks, so I went to the office and asked. The owner proceeded to give me a lecture by about how I need to be more careful when booking on-line because their computer showed I only needed power and water. I asked the owner why he thought I would book a site with no sewer, if I planned to be there for 2 weeks. I had more I wanted to say about his attitude, but I bit my tongue because this was the only campground near where we needed to be. Fortunately, they had a full hook-up site available, so I was able to pay a few dollars more a night to ensure a comfortable stay. When I asked which site I was going to, the dude wouldn't answer me. Thinking he hadn't heard me, I asked again and he huffed. Then he said, "Don't worry about it, just follow my sister and she'll take you to the site." Again, I bit my tongue.

The sister took us to site 25 and after she gave us instructions concerning their very specific traffic pattern, she said, "I'm sorry about my brother." After reading other reviews of this campground, I'm pretty sure that was not the first time, and won't be the last time, she had to apologize for her brother's rudeness. 

When we got to the site, we were happy to see it was extra long, so there was plenty of parking for the truck, the rig & my wife's car. The site was relatively level and the water and power were well maintained, clean & easy to access. The sewer hook-up, on the other hand was not ideal, as the pipe was nearly touching the leg of our neighbor's picnic table. I checked and sure enough the site on the other side of us had their sewer pipe right next to our picnic table. That said, the gnats were so bad at the campground that we didn't spend much time outside, so we barely noticed our neighbor's sewer line. 

Cell service was excellent, which was good because WiFi was not ideal. They have satellite internet, so it was slow and barely accessible. They gave us passcodes for two devices, and the code is good for 3 days. So if you are there longer, you need to request additional codes. 

The campground had one section for people who are there for extended stay - mostly construction workers doing nearby highway work. They were quiet and did not bother anyone. The rest of the campground was used by people passing through. The campground is close to I95 (there was no highway noise), so we seemed to have new neighbors every night. 

All things considered, it was a decent campground and met our needs. I am not sure I would stay here for an extended time again, but if you're passing through or looking for a weekend getaway, the Enfield KOA will work.

Unlevel & messy

We made a mistake. My wife and I are moving to North Carolina, and we were looking for a place to stay for a month in the Asheboro area. I checked around and Deep River was the only local campground with long-term sites available, so I made the reservation. The owner, Scott, was very helpful throughout the reservation process and we thought we were going to have a good experience. 

When we showed up, Scott met us at the office and he took us to the "most level site" he had available. I was a little concerned from the start because the sewer pipe was sitting at a 45 degree angle and it was half buried in the ground. I had to help dig out the pipe and when I looked inside I noticed the connection was broken and any drainage would  have leached directly into the ground. Additionally, the sewer connection was more than 40 feet from the center of the site and I only carry 30 feet of line, so we had to back way up in order to hook-up. Unfortunately, that meant that our primary slide was within 3 feet of a giant pine tree so there was barely enough room to open it. Another problem with being so far back in the site was how unlevel the camper was. It took a while for me to get the trailer unhitched and by the time I had it nearly level, I had used all of my blocks and the jack was extended to the maximum height. Needless to say, I did not feel very comfortable with the arrangement and I was really starting to question whether or not to stay. 

Then I started looking around at the site and there was trash everywhere with broken pieces of metal and half chewed dog bones strewn about. I looked at my wife and I could tell she was not happy. So I got on my phone, called another campground and made reservations. Scott was understanding, he tried to talk us into trying another site but by that time we had decided to move on. I will give Scott credit, he didn't charge us a cancellation fee, so that was good.

A quick note, the WiFi was limited to close to the office and we would have had to pay Spectrum for a monthly internet connection. Also, Verizon cell coverage was weak.

Excellent Work In Progress

We had booked a site at a nearby Asheboro campground, but when we arrived it was awful and we decided not to stay. I got on the phone with Jellystone, and they were very accommodating. We were able to make a reservation for the week and we checked-in about 30 minutes later.

The park is being expanded, but the construction did not bother us at all because we could hardly hear anything going on and there wasn't a lot of construction equipment activity to interfere with our camping experience.

WiFi at this park is outstanding, over the air TV reception is good, and the laundry facility was excellent & cheap…$1.75 per load to wash & $1.00 to dry. 

If you are travelling with children, this is a perfect place to camp because there is so much to do. In particular the pool area was really nice.

I wish we could have stayed longer, but we had other things to do and see. We were completely satisfied with our camping experience and we will definitely return to Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park the next time we are in Asheboro.

Excellent Campground

We visited my wife's sister and her family in Freeport, and we couldn't have been happier with our camping experience.

Reservations and check-in were easy, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately common areas and activities were closed because of the virus, but the camp store was open and all of our essential needs were met.

The campground is close to Freeport and all the superb activities the area affords. We especially like Pineland Farms: and we took a nice drive to Owls Head Lighthouse: with a stop at Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse:

We spent an afternoon at Winslow Park in Freeport and had a great time…highly recommended picnic, tidal pool and sandy beach area.

We will definitely return to Cedar Haven, the next time we are in Freeport.

Spectacular Military Family Camping

I am a retired military office and my son is stationed at Charleston AFB, so this campground is a perfect place for my wife and I to stay at while visiting our son. COVID-19 kept us from camping here the first week we were in town (we stayed at Lake Aire in Hollywood…check-out my review of that campground), but once the Health Protection Condition was reduced, reservations were easy to make through Outdoor Rec at 843-963-1732 or 1672.

Check-in was smooth and easy & site 12 was easy to back into and set-up was a breeze on this wide concrete pad. The sites are comfortably spaced and there was plenty of room for us to relax and enjoy ourselves. 

Laundry and the bathrooms were closed because of COVID. Over the air TV provided plenty of essential TV and news access, and the WiFi was surprisingly good. There are a lot of pull-through sites that they reserve for bigger rigs.

Our site backs up to an open field near a playground. While we don't have little kids and a need to access the playground, the field was a nice place for the dog to roam.

Another review mentioned the giant voice that plays reveille at 0700, the anthem at 1630, and retreat at 1000. It may be annoying to some, but after a few days we got used to it and we could easily fall back to sleep in the morning. You should also know that the campground is near an active military and civilian flight-line, so expect aircraft noise. 

The campground is close to a ton of activities that were mentioned below. One highlight that doesn't seem to get much press is Old Downtown North Charleston Park Circle area 

The restaurants, bars, breweries & distillery are super nice (and dog friendly) and are a must see. 

The next time we visit our son, we will definitely be back on base for a spectacular camping experience.

Quiet and relaxing

I spent a couple of days at Abel Mountain with my dog, and we both had a nice stay. The campground is quiet and relaxing with plenty of space and a beautiful river that kept my dog entertained for hours. I was at site 72, an easy pull-through with plenty of shade.

Wifi was decent, cable hook-up did not provide a clear picture, and Verizon cell service was minimal. 

Close to Randolph for groceries and take-out. The Barn gas station complex off of Exit 4 was perfect for fueling-up before getting back on the road.

Excellent military discount - 25%, so the stay was similar in cost to staying on at a military base's Famcamp.

If I'm ever back in Vermont, I'll probably stay here again.

Excellent Campground

My wife and I were visiting our son at Charleston AFB, and we spent a week and a half at Lake Aire. We couldn't have been happier with the campground. K1 is an outstanding, secluded site with plenty of room for the dogs to roam, and there was plenty of shade during the day. 

The campground is conveniently located near Charleston, so we were able to take advantage of all there is to see and do in the area. 

Wifi was ok, and Verizon cell coverage was good.

ECU drop-off

We dropped off our daughter at ECU in August and needed a place to stay, and this was the closest campground with sites available. ECU is less than 30 minutes away, so it was convenient. 

My dog and I arrived a couple of days before my wife and daughter because hurricane Isaias was on its way. Unfortunately, the storm hit hard and the campground lost power for two full days. When my family arrived, the power was still out and it was unbelievable hot and humid, so we ended up having to get a hotel nearby. 

The owners and staff were super friendly and accommodating, and they tried their best to ensure my comfort and safety during the storm. The campground could use some updates, but it was adequate and met my needs. I read complaints concerning the roadways in the campground, but any experienced driver will have no issues navigating throughout the camp. 

My experience was not ideal because of the storm, hence the 4 stars. But we will try again the next time we are in the area visiting our daughter at school.

I wish I could have stayed longer

I was passing through and I only stayed one night. When I arrived, check-in was easy and professional. A host had me follow him to a super convenient pull-through site, and stayed to make sure I was all set.  The gravel site was level, so I didn't even have to unhook from my truck. 

The campground is a little far from I-78, but the roads were easy to navigate and it didn't take long to get there. 

My dog and I had a quiet comfortable night, and I will definitely return for a longer stay the next time I'm in PA.

Outstanding Experience

My wife and I spent the month of July at Riverbrook and we couldn't have been happier. The owners are super friendly and accommodating; the park is clean, comfortable, and convenient to adventures in the White Mountains; and the wifi worked great…especially when compared to other campgrounds we've been to. We will definitely stay here the next time we are in NH.