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Oak Park, MI

Joined June 2020


Didn't actually stay / Bare forest

"Visited": 10/6/2020

Site: N/A

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

This is located along Grand Canyon Highway - Highway 67, within Kaibab National Forest.

We were looking for a place to stay near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We scoped this area out before going into the park, to decide if we wanted to stay here or go further along our route. We decided to risk it, and drive further towards Marble Canyon later that afternoon.

We didn't really notice any sites on the drive that we took through. There was another road that took a left, and seemed like there might be more room there - although that was a different named FR. The colors were pretty in the fall, but there weren't any big trees and privacy and shade could be an issue. It was in a burn area and everything was thin and bare.

We gave up after not finding any open spaces and not loving the vibe. It didn't seem like anyone really camps here. The Arizona Trail cuts through here, and that was the only tiny open area that we saw.

Great location to North Rim, maybe we just needed to keep driving further.

**Checkout the video I posted. This is from the North Rim of GC, not the actual Forest Road, but it gives you an idea of what it looks like. The right-hand side of the video is what all of FR-241 looked like. Again, pretty color when it was there, but burned and bare.

Mostly private, close to trailhead

Stayed: 10/12 - 10/14/2020 - $15/night

Site: 5

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

Beautiful little first come, first served campground within Guadalupe Mountains National Park. Pretty private for the most part, although we could easily see site 4 and the people staying there.

I was hoping for site 1 or 2, as you can park directly in-front of the site, but those were both taken, along with sites 19& 20. Site 5 wasn’t too bad of a walk from the parking area, but it was a little further back. This was fine because we had privacy and two separate areas. One with our picnic table and a second area for the tent. We just weighed the tent and tarp down with rocks, because it was too rough for the stakes.

We were excited to stay here so that we would have easy access to the Guadalupe Peak trail in the morning. A short trail takes you to the visitor center. The campground is right at the trailhead of 4 trails and is adjacent to the RV section. The RV section holds the trailhead, water filling station, bathrooms, potable water, dishwashing station and self-registration.

It was nice to have bathrooms and running water after a long trip. No showers. Beautiful views of the mountains and stars. A great place to stay if you’re visiting the park for more than a day!

AT&T and Sprint: Poor & spotty

Great little spot between 2 National Parks

Stayed: 10/11/2020- FREE

Site: Corner of entrance and 10 Mile Rd, on the right

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

“10 Mile Rd” runs parallel to the highway. It connects the 3 campgrounds in the area, this spot is the middle one.

Whichever direction you are coming from, watch for the Mile 10 highway marker, the entrance is between the two signs. If traveling south on 180, there IS a spot to turn, you just have to be looking for it. It’s a bit of a dip, but it saves you from making a u-ie.

We pulled in and turned right at the“No Camping Beyond This Point” sign and parked immediately to the left of 10 Mile.*See photo* It was flat and level, a great spot to pitch a tent.

The stars were amazing and we were about 20 mins from the Carlsbad National Park visitor center. The town of Whites City is maybe 5 minutes(The drive into Carlsbad NP is what takes so long).

We stayed on a Sunday and were the first ones there at about 7:45pm. Eventually, two others pitched tents as well.

It was extremely windy! We would have possibly stayed again if Pine Springs in Guadalupe Mountains NP was full. It’s about a 45 min drive to that park. We really enjoyed this spot!

AT&T and Sprint: 3 bars LTE

Easy to find, very busy

Stayed: 10/9/2020- FREE

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

Coming from Las Cruces, this is the first of 3 dispersed areas along Dripping Springs and Baylor Canyon roads. We stayed on a Friday night and were worried we wouldn’t find a spot. Every site was taken along the way until the trailhead. We decided to squeeze in and just sleep in the car, instead of risking our luck with the next two areas.

Easy to find, even in the dark. Nice views of the mountains and a trail right there, if you wanted to do some walking or biking.

This was fine for a quick, one-night stay. I’d prefer to have one of the actual sites and be able to pitch the tent if we were staying any longer. Too close to our neighbors for my liking, but in a pinch, it was a great spot!

AT&T and Sprint: 2 bars LTE

Beautiful views, but noisy!

Stayed: 10/8/2020- FREE

Site: 32.256182, -110.659613

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

This was an absolutely beautiful site above the city of Tucson! Definitely a popular spot. On the satellite view on maps, it seemed like there were a lot more sites than there are. We pretty much took the first open spot that we found (coordinates above). *See photo* Photo is looking west (top of pic) to east (bottom), as you travel UP Redington Rd.

We had a nice area to park the car and a second area to setup our tent. There was even a third area beyond that, for another tent or a second spot for a campfire fire. Overall, it was a huge site, if you’re pitching a tent. I uploaded a video that shows the entire site. The video is shot between the 1st & 2nd areas. Parking to the left, and we pitched the tent next to the fire pit you see. The person walking toward the camera on the far right is coming from the 3rd area!

Directly across the road (Redington Rd), were a bunch of cacti. We hung out over there for a bit during sunset and got some really cool pictures. Awesome views of the sun going down over Tucson were available on both sides of the road. *See photos*

There was a lot of trash, which was disappointing. I filled up the one bag that I had, and barely made a dent. As other reviews say, there is quite a bit of noise. During our one-night stay, there were tons of 4x4s and dirt bikes passing quite often. Definitely a heavily trafficked road.

Pretty easy to get to. I just plugged the coordinates in and it was easy to find. Would absolutely stay again. You can’t beat these views for a free nights’ stay!

AT&T: 1 bar 5G

Sprint: 2 bars LTE

Favorite free camping!

Stayed: 10/6/2020 - FREE

Site: Canyon Edge - 2nd site

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

This was by far one of the coolest places I’ve ever camped. Right on the canyon edge! Beautiful sunset and sunrise! Absolute silence!

The pull-off for this area is situated between a scenic byway sign, from both directions. You have to open an unlocked gate to access the road to the canyon. The coordinates (36.7526, -111.7176) were very accurate and took us right to the gate. Open and close the gate behind you *see video* and take the fork to the left. (I've heard there are more sites on the road to the right, en-route to the canyon, but we did not check that out).

A couple of warnings. Go slowly as you approach the pull-off. There is quite a dip on the one end. Once you get through the gate, it is a rough road. Lots of rocks, high clearance is probably necessary. We did fine in the Rogue, but we were nervous a few times.

There were a couple small sites along the road, if you didn’t want to go all the way. Particularly, I remember a nice spot near the BLM sign, just past the first rough patch of rocks, if you don’t want to go any further. The road is definitely pretty rough. Take it slow and try to get there during the daylight to make it easier.

Once you get to the canyon edge, there are a couple sites that are across the road from each other. We passed those and took the next one on the canyon-side of the road. *See satellite photo* It was a little rough for the tent and stakes, but it worked out fine.

We didn’t go any further, but these were really the only sites that we saw. Another man pulled up later and asked if he could park his car next to us, since there weren’t any more obvious sites.

We were on an 11-day National Park trip and this was by far my favorite site we stayed at. 100% worth it and would love to return!

***Also pictured is a fun, roadside quirk, just 2 miles west down 89A. The Cliff Dwellers in Marble Canyon had car trouble and ended up having to camp out for the night in this location. They woke up to the beauty of the desert and didn't want to leave, so they built a trading post. There are a few dwellings still standing and a unique boulder. Some dwellings are even built into the rocks themselves! It's a cool spot for all ages!

AT&T: Full bars LTE

Sprint: 2 bars LTE

A little rough for tents

Stayed: 10/5/2020- FREE

Site: First big parking area on the left

Vehicle: Hyundai Rogue

Equipment: Tent

We came in after sunset, but its very easy to find. If you pull up the area on maps and look at the satellite view, you can see a couple possible small sites on the left when you pull in. We passed those and went for the first big, open area. *See photo*

We were the only ones that parked on that site when we went to bed, but someone else had shown up during the night. There were a few more people that had traveled down further, as well.

It was dark and a little rough for a tent, so we just slept in the car. There were surprisingly a lot of semis that passed on the main road, but it wasn’t too noisy. Would stay here again.

AT&T: No Service Sprint: 2 bars LTE

Unique "Dispersed" Camping

Stayed: 9/6/2020 - FREE

Site: Left fire pit facing toilet

This campground is the equestrian Kinderhook Trailhead within Wayne National Forest.

I didn't know what to expect for a dispersed campground at a trailhead. We pulled in and there was one couple setup at a designated site (picnic table and fire pit). As we drove around the trailhead, we found a second designated site. The forest website says dispersed camping is allowed and fires are allowed with a 10 foot clearance and a ring of rocks. So when we pulled up and saw picnic tables and fire pits provided, I was a little confused. I'd assume you'd also be allowed to create your own site, if the two designated sites are taken. There's not a ton of room, but I'd say another 5 sites could setup and be somewhat spread out. It is an open area, so there wouldn't be physical privacy, although the tall trees provide shade.

With it being an equestrian trail, there were a lot of horses and trailers throughout the day. Before sunset, everyone cleared out and only campers remained.

One vault toilet and perfect AT&T and Sprint cell service.


Great free spot in a National Forest and along a river

Stayed 9/5/2020 - FREE

Site "Turnaround"

This was difficult to find on Apple Maps, but if you pin the location, it takes you right to it.  Nice little area within Monongahela National Forest. 

We pulled in just at sunset on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend and drove through the entire length of the campground to see that all the sites will filled. We got to the turn around and noticed a couple of fire pits setup and a patch of grass. It wasn't a "designated site", but it was a defined area with the fire pits. We were out the next morning, so we didn't have any problems. The only negative was having cars drive through all night.

Two vault toilets along the long road. There was a trail at the turnaround, but it was completely washed out once we got into the woods. Nice area, right on Shavers Fork of the Cheat River. A few sites are actually on the river side.

Had NO AT&T or Sprint cell service.

Nice, small campground with plenty of bathrooms

Stayed 9/3/2020-$20/night

Site 7

Small campground at the end of a dead end road. As you travel towards the end of McCoys Ferry Road, make sure to stay right, as to pass through the tunnel.

I had the choice of all sites when booking and chose site 7 because it was on the water and was the most"remote". Unfortunately, everything was so overgrown, we had no view of the river whatsoever. We had our morning coffee on site 6 to enjoy the view. We only stayed the one night and got in after dark. Would have been pretty disappointed if we were staying longer and didn't have the view that we should have had.

The road to the campground can be off-putting in the dark, but it was pretty easy to find. The tunnel you pass under is train tracks. The train came through multiple times and you WILL hear it. There were 2 or 3 pairs of porta-potties spread out and a vault toilet at the entrance/picnic area. A firepit, grill and picnic table is at each site. I think$20 is a little steep for comparative campgrounds, but it was a nice place to stay.


Beautiful views and FREE!

Stayed 7/18/20- FREE

Our site was situated on a“corner”, overlooking Lake Powell and with beautiful rocks behind us. Coming from AZ, this area is just passed the entrance to Lone Rock Campground, on the left. The turn is just beyond the guard rail. You can see a brown sign off the road some. Once you cross the first cattle guard, you come to an opening with a small trail forward, and a site on the right. Take a left passed the second cattle guard and there is more room to spread out around the abandoned farm equipment. We setup on a“peninsula-like” area. You could see Lake Powell and Lone Rock itself from our site. Would absolutely stay here again. If you’re not looking to be around the crowds of the main campgrounds, this is perfect! No facilities.

Very little AT&T service.


First to Review
Great free campground!

Stayed 7/13/20- FREE 

Coming off the main road, you’ll enter onto a Dead End gravel road. You’ll eventually see the park entrance(a sign and fence). Pass the first bathrooms/shelter/info board. Continue down the gravel road that looks kinda like a trail. You’ll open up into the campground. The first site to the left of the info board is the most private, with the fire ring being way off the road. I got in late, in the dark, and turned around because the first board said“no camping”. I gave it another shot and continued down the road and was glad when I saw site numbers. Was in and out pretty quick, but it seemed like a really nice place and the fire pits are awesome! Vault toilets available. 

I had 3 bars LTE AT&T, with no problems.

Typical State Park

Stayed: 8/14-8/16/20 - $33/night

Site: 130

Huge sites, but very close to neighbors, so no privacy. They are in the process of updating all bathrooms and showers, so that will be nice. The “old” ones aren’t terrible, but only two showers for each section. Never had an issue however, even on a sold out weekend.

Wood ($5) and ice ($2) available on-site until 10pm. That was great!

If it wasn’t for the construction, would have been miserable turning left towards downtown. Beach access across a pedestrian bridge.


Great views, nice sites, okay amenities.

Stayed 7/22/200 - $15/night

Site 97

Lake-view sites, beaches, flush toilets and showers, all for$15/night. Don’t have super high expectations.


Great sites on the water. Good space with picnic table and fire rings with a grate. Site 97 was on a corner, with a neighbor to one side, and lots of space between sites to the other.


Showers aren’t great. Cobwebs and mold. First door didn’t even lock. Wide gaps with no curtain. No soap in bathrooms.(During COVID). Can’t expect much for$15/night, but bathrooms/showers were disappointing.

You can setup in the grass, right by the water and enjoy the beach. The ranger also told us of beach access just outside the park, across the street. Bathroom/shower house was a bit of a walk from our site, but nothing crazy. Worth it for the views. No problems with AT&T cell service.

Beautiful views & experience - Noisy

Stayed 7/19/20 - $14/night

We setup just off the "main drive", between two bathrooms (12 &13) and next to a brush area.

BE CAREFUL IN THE SAND. It is easy to get your car stuck. There is a gravel path down the center, but non-4WD vehicles should turn LEFT on their way out, and not continue straight, beyond the gravel.

We had a sedan, so we took extra caution and setup camp further from the water.(Also because we didn’t want to be near people due to COVID). There was plenty of room to spread out.

We wanted to kayak Lake Powell, so afternoon setting up, it was easy to walk the kayaks down to the water and put in right on the beach. You might want to wear some type of shoes, the sand is HOT!! My friend burnt his foot and it blistered immediately. Although the views are absolutely beautiful, this campground is loud and noisy all night. Lots of ATVs, dirt bikes, etc. Cool experience, would have enjoyed it more being closer to the water and not during COVID.

13 bathroom areas with two vault toilets in each. (More than website says). Very little AT&T service.

Close to Canyonlands - Higher Price

Stayed 7/17/20 - $20/night

Site 23

We stopped here for just one night to experience Canyonlands and Arches. We setup here in the afternoon after deciding on this place over a dispersed area on 191. We picked 23 because it was next to the bathrooms(vault toilets) and what we thought were the best views. The bathroom did start to smell, so next time we’d probably setup a few sites down.

After returning from a night-hike at Delicate Arch, we came home to the Big Dipper sitting above our tent. This was a great area, although not very private. A typical campground setup, we were just lucky that there were maybe only 3 other groups at the time. If I were to do a similar trip again, I’d most likely go for the free dispersed area back on 191. I love the campground, but I would have been just as happy down the road and to save the$20.

Vault toilets and no problems with AT&T cell service.

Complete silence in the mountains!

Stayed 7/15/20 - FREE

I turned down road 464 and found a spot to the left, after a rough little dip(in a sedan).

I was coming from Wyoming and 464 was not too far past Mirror Lake Campground and just before Lilly Lake, on the right.

There were some rough patches, and after that last dip, I decided I shouldn’t push my luck any further. There was a site to the left as soon as I pushed through and it was perfect. The night was extremely silent. Very private, although you could see neighbors. Sitting under the stars with my fire, I was lucky enough to have a neighbor play some guitar and sing. It was an awesome night! The stars were incredible. A great little spot in the mountains!

No facilities. I had ZERO AT&T service from the moment I crossed state lines from the north.

Beautiful views, close to highway!

Stayed 7/14/20 - FREE

I took the road 700E down to site E2

Once you pass the main campground and it turns to gravel, it is terribly bumpy. Like a million speed bumps. The side roads have bigger potholes, but are more smooth.‘E’ was pretty easy to navigate, even in a sedan. The map makes my site seem super close to others, but it was totally private. I could see and at times, hear others, but I definitely had my own area. Great views and very close to the highway. Would love to come back here!

No facilities. I had 3 bars LTE AT&T, with no problems.

Close to Ferry/Great Views

Not the greatest, but certainly not the worst campground. All first come-first served, with self-checkin. $15/night for rustic, $17/night for electric. We had an electric site, however ours was not working. We were able to plugin to the reverse side amp, and make it work. I left notes on my payment envelope, but they either ignored it, or no one was on-site during our 4th of July visit. There was however, a number to call, had it been a bigger issue.

We had a group of 6, and we took sites 3 & 4 directly ahead as you entered the campground. This area was great, IF you are using both sites

PROS: •Enough space for 3 tents, 3 cars, plus a screened food tent.

•The sites behind us had a line of trees, so it was private and we felt like we had our own little are.

•Lake views through the trees, but just a very short walk down to the shore for fantastic sunset views. It was great to bring some chairs and drinks to enjoy the lake sunsets.

•Directly across from the beach-access drive.

•Directly across from one of three bathrooms.

•Campground is less than 6 miles from the ferry and also close to the “Four Corners” area with a store, restaurants and gas.

•A large sign on the main road made it easy to find, as we arrived in the dark with no GPS.

CONS: •These two sites are not only near the entrance, which can have heavy traffic, but also line the boat launch drive. Constant boats and cars passing by.

•Our sites’ landscaping wasn’t well maintained. Lots of tall grass and weeds throughout both sites.

•Only 1 fire pit for sites 3 & 4 combined.

•The nearby bathroom was by far the worst of the 3 on-site. The men’s was pitch black at all times of the day and I felt like I was going to fall through the floor. We were excited when we found it so close to our site, but we used the others further away. The other bathroom had lights, was maintained and actually locked.

•Of course, the electrical not working was a bummer, but thankfully it worked out.

Walking around during the day, I’d say site 20 might be the best. There were other sites with better water views, directly on the water, but they were flooded and also lacked any privacy. Site 20 had good views and plenty of space, surrounded by trees.

Overall, a nice little campground. Disappointed in a few things, but would likely return.

Beautiful backpacking for beginners!

Nordhouse Dunes was an amazing experience. This was our first time backpacking and the less than 2 mile hike was perfect for our maiden voyage. We took the Nurnberg Trail straight to the beach. Beautiful views all along the Lake Michigan coast. We were about 5 or 6 sites north of where the trail reaches the dunes and it was spectacular! There were two pre-defined campfire setups and we felt like we had our own private beach! Beautiful views of the lake from even the back of the site. It seems that this area is getting more popular, and especially on the weekends. We arrived late on a Friday morning and got lucky by finding a parking spot. The overflow was over a mile long down the main road. Saturday was much busier and even as we were leaving Sunday, the lot was still full. But, for just $5 a day to park, this spot is a must. Again, great for beginners to practice and get used to backpacking, and just as amazing for anyone look for a quick getaway!