Colby K.

Glide, OR

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North side

Choice of forest service camp sites or a few first come first serve beach spots. The lake is beautiful and easy to navigate with the KOA and store on the southwest side. Mosquitos are going away with the recent heat that has come across the west coast. The lake offers fishing, boating, camping, paddle boarding, etc…


Relaxing lake. Easy drive. Bug season is about over. Stocked and ready for fishing. Camp spots are on either side of the lake with a boat ramp.


Lake in the woods is a small lake with small but accommodating camp sites stationed all the way the lake. Mosquito season is about over making the trip more enjoyable.


Beautiful small lake with several camp sites stationed around the lake including the snow shelter that takes reservations throughout the summer months. The sites cost $8 per night. The mosquitoes are still awful but are worth the views and paddle boarding opportunity.

Summit lake

A very beautiful and relaxing area. Road coming from the south and wrapping around the lake is best driven with a 4x4 vehicle. The lake has plenty of opportunities such as boating, paddle boarding, hiking, camping. The camp sites are close to the dusty road and are far and few. Definitely a spot to come back too. Wet weather could cause problems on the road in the off season