Make sure to check out Lehman cave

Great basin National Park is super underrated. You don't feel like your in a national park because there are hardly any tourist which is amazing. Lehman campground was pretty primitive and nothing special but was beautiful at night. We saw more stars than I've ever seen before. Lehman cave was awesome and well worth the hike.

Stayed at Pharaoh campground

We made a goal to visit every nation forest, park, monument, including all the state ones as well. I'm so glad we did or we would have just skipped over this place and missed the beauty that is the garden of the gods. It has a very goblin valley/arches vibe to it minus the red rock. Pharaoh's was super close to everything we wanted to see and made a great home base. It's very minimal with fire pits and pit bathrooms being the only amenities but we didn't mind at all. Shawnee national forest is so gorgeous. I'm really happy we made the decision to check it out.

Nice stay at the koa

When we are traveling and don't have a plan we always know we will have a good experience at the KOA. This was no exception it was clean and had lots of activities for the kids to do. The attendant was very nice and informative

Beautiful rock formations

If you stay here stay in an RV . The tent sites are exposed to the elements and you have to pitch your tent on sharp rocks. When we stayed in our RV it was a great experience. The way the campground is set up the rock formations block your views from your neighbors so you feel very secluded. The hikes we so much fun here. We hiked up to fire wave, the elephant, and hiked the prospect trail. Late fall is the perfect time to go so you don't melt.

Wow just wow

This place is so beautiful I highly suggest staying here or stopping by for a day trip. We didn't get to do much hiking but made our way up French Canyon. The waterfalls and mossy ledges are breathtaking. The campground was clean and well maintained. We plan on coming back when we can explore more of the park.

Quiet and Clean

We stayed here in our Motorhome but the sites are pretty small and you are right next to your neighbor. There is tree coverage that surrounds the campground so it feels very secluded from the rest of the world but it would be even better if they added more trees between campsites.

First to Review
Great Fishing

If you don't have a boat no worries you can rent one at the marina. We caught so many fish here we had to actually let some loose because we were over our limit. We spent most of the day on the lake but the campgrounds were nice and quiet while we were cooking around the fire. I wouldn't want to stay here during the summer because it seems a little over crowded and there aren't any trees to hide you from your neighbors. We stayed during the fall and it was practically empty. Our camp host told us early spring can be hit or miss because sometime the campground will end up flooding so keep that in mind when you plan your trip.

What a Stunning Park

We loved staying at Ledges State Park. The leafs were just starting to change and the weather was perfect. We really had fun on all of the trails around the park. They were easy to hike and well marked. The campground was clean and well maintained. We only got a chance to stay here for two nights but we plan on going back next year and spending a week. Make sure and bring he bug spray and be prepared for lots of scenic hiking.

This place is so cool!

So being from Utah I wouldn't say Arkansas has "mountains" But they do have these really cool cliff rocks. We stayed at Devils Den State Park and the camping was great but the scenery was awesome. I highly suggest hiking the Yellow Rock trail just outside of the campground. The large rock "mountain" it leads you too are so much fun to play on. They have tiny caves and are incredibly easy to craw around on. P.S make sure and bring lots of bug spray.

Glad we had a blow up mattress.

The campgrounds were nice and clean but our campsite was really rocky and uneven. We usually sleep in a sleeping bag on the ground but we were getting poked by hard lumps of dirt so we blew up our mattress. Overall it was a nice pit stop. We walked our kayaks to the river and played around for a few hours and then found some nice people to play volleyball with.

First to Review
Lots of tourist.

The secret is out on this place it was super busy. The campground was great and it felt very secluded with lots of greenery and wildlife. The hiking trails were marked very well and lead straight out of the campground. We rented some Kayaks and bikes which was nice because we didn't have room to pack ours. The mountain has some cool caves to explore. The beach was nice to relax on but very busy with tourist. If you stay here make sure and check out all the cool features of the state park. Make sure and check out the Lighthouse it was awesome.

This place is gorgeous.

Wow!! The lake and the mountains are right next to the campsite. We thought it would be busy but we were pleasantly surprised how quiet and secluded you feel. We saw a ton of wildlife at our campsite. We were grateful for the bear boxes to keep our food. The trees that surround the campsites are huge. This is on our visit list.

Stayed in an RV

The lake was beautiful and clear but it was packed with kids during the day. Short trip from the center of town so if you need anything you can book over to the market. Thr campground was clean and well taken care of.

Pretty but windy.

Gorgeous views of the lake but it was very open with little cover and the wind almost tore our tent down.

Conveniently located near the Salt Lake City

Spruces is right up Big Cottonwood Canyon which makes it more of a Staycation for us. They are strict on the 10pm quiet time which can be great if you are there to sleep and get up early but can be an inconvenience if you want to stay up late chatting around the fire. Another negative is its located in a water shed so you have to leave your fur babies at home. They also book up very quickly for the summer. Try to get a site by the river the white noise is great for sleeping.

Stunning views.

Saddlehorn cost $20 for a campsite, but make sure and leave your open flame and smores at home fires are prohibited. There was very little shade so plan your trip during the spring or late fall. The views were so beautiful from the campsite and the stars where out in full force.

Stayed in a cabin

We stayed her while passing through to Kansas. The cabin was clean, the staff was nice and polite, they have fun activities for the kiddies or young at heart. We got in late and left early so overall our stay was nothing special but I would recommend it to anyone just passing through.

Black Bear Country

We try to hit up the state parks as well as the national ones and I'm glad we stayed here. Lush trees surround the campground with ample trail to hike/bike. If we were to stay here again I would fork out the money for a cabin because we saw two black bears and I kept imagining them batting away at our tent with every sound I heard at night. Overall a great experiencr.

Rafting trip

We stayed here during a rafting trip and it's so tranquil. It's right next to the river and that makes it easy to launch you boat. Dinosaur national park was a treat it was a blast to see all the fossils that are there. Overall we will stay there again.

Watchman B loop

Beautiful well maintained campsite. Lots of tree coverage, perfect for hanging hammocks. Walking distance to the Zion Canyon shuttle and visitor center. Campground has toilets and clean water. Can be a bit noisy in the morning but overall very nice campsite. Nature sightings included deer, lizards, squirrels, and various birds. Late summer usually means fire restrictions so plan on bringing a gas or charcoal grill for cooking and save the smores for a different campground.