Clean, Beautiful Place, Rude discriminatory Host Marcy!

We made reservations for July 4th and 5th on-line because that’s all that was available. Came up on July 3rd found a First come first serve site, paid for the day. Marcy the “host” pulls up and immediately begins yelling at us to move back the rocks. We moved some rocks to back up into our site, she only allowed us to pull up to the site, so we agreed and continued to set up. We asked her if we could stay in our current site since we had already reserved sites for the next two nights. She refused to cancel our site for the next two days and told us we would have to pay again, and to talk to the new host coming in Sunday. Sunday arrives and we are woken up at 8:00 am with her honking outside our camper, then she sticks her face in the pop-up side where my boys were sleeping yelling “wake up!” “Anybody home!” Then she proceeds to bang aggressively on our door, the yelled at us to “hurry up”. My husband finishes getting dressed an goes out side to have her immediately start yelling at him for trying to pull a fast one. She’s yelling telling us that she knows what we’re up to, and she’s gonna leave a note for the new host so we don’t try and get away without paying. My husband explained to her that she said we can pay (again) on Sunday and still hadn’t gone to town to get cash as we weren’t leaving until the next day. She left still yelling making accusations. We obviously paid (double) and we’re spoken to like animals by this Marcy woman. As person of color, I felt mistreated, unwelcome, and degraded by the way she spoke to us in every encounter. We were very careful to remain calm and respectful because we had no phone service and felt helpless and sure she would kick us out if she so decided. I called rec.gove and they were appalled by her behavior as well as the rangers office. Her immediate boss tried to imply it was our fault she was so nasty because we moved the rocks. They need to train their “hosts” to show respect to all of their guests and that all human beings should be treated with respect and dignity!