Christian S.

San Clemente, CA

Joined July 2017

Beautiful area, close to Flag with plenty of MTB trails

Just spent one night here but really enjoyed it. It rained on us the night before so the trails were perfect for a ride in the morning. We had a blast making our way through various single track, ultimately making a big loop. Can’t want to come back here with the bikes again! Hit me up on @campncruise if you need any info!

One of the most beautiful places you’ll lay eyes on

It was almost like you stepped back in time. No paved roads, no cell service, no anything…massive red rock formations rose out of the arid Utah desert in on direction with massive cliffs into deep canyons to the other. This place is truly one of the last great untouched areas of the Southwest. If you ever have the chance to do White Rim road…GO! We went in September and it was HOT! We did get to take a few dips into the Green River, however Fall or Spring would probably be better times to go and you’d experience much better temps. Feel free to reach out on instagram if you have any questions or want to start planning another trip! @campncruise