Christian N.

The Dyrt Pro

Sacramento, CA

Joined December 2019

PCT SoBo 2019. Just moved back up to Sac after living in Santa Barbara for 6 yrs. Excited to become a weekend warrior!


This site is permanently closed

Basic RV Park

Everything you need! Gravel area with plenty of availability and space in the Yolo Country Fairgrounds.

$35 per night. $15 for dump. They even have $200 RV rentals. Drop off boxes, so no need to interact with people if you don’t want to. Nice, average spot in Woodland.

One open spot. This is for permanent Trailers. Saw only 2 RV’s

Only one spot was open, and it looked like the electric panels had been tempered with. Wouldn’t recommend. Trash everywhere. No parking spaces.

Nice Place in a bad part of town

Surprisingly nice spot here. All the hookups necessary. Not much space per site, but real close to the freeway, a bunch of stores, and most importantly… an IHOP!

Off the beaten track

Only 15 minutes away (windy road) from Colfax, but feels so remote!

Beautiful mountain valley of north fork. Clean campsites right along road with bearboxes, picnic tables, and fire pits. Easy river access down the hill to rocky swimming pools. Water was COLD obviously in December haha. Many hiking trails up and down the canyon.

Highly recommend! I’m coming back here for sure!

More of a “home” trailer park than a camping trailer park

Looks like most people lived here. Good place to stay when needing a rest on the way back from or to the mountains, but it’s not much of a destination stop.

Has all the amenities though! Pool. Bathrooms. Showers. Hookups.

Nice spot, but I prefer the walk to Long Lake campsites

Right by kidd lake. More amenities than Long Lake sites, but not quite as remote/pretty

Hidden jem

I guess it’s a 5 minute uphill walk from the PCT and is hidden (plus not on PCT maps) so it’s relatively unused for non-locals. Always find something fun here left behind. 8 bunks. Some counter space. Wood. And a nice privy

Ate some grubb at this hut

Also… got rid of some grubb here too. Nice bathroom. Fun historical place a nice hike away from Castle Peak and far enough away that you don’t get the crowds. Kitchen, firewood, fireplace, and a bunch of bunks

Beautiful secluded peninsula

Some of my favorite campsites. Awesome in spring where the flowers and grass are POPPING. A lot of awesome trails and little environmental signs to walk around and learn about the area. Highly recommend!

Beautiful views, close to town

Porta potties. Not too many amenities. Just what you need to camp right by the shore. Nothing more, nothing less. Our site wasn’t super flat.

One of my favorite childhood spots

It’s always a little busy on weekends, but filled with fun people. Nice sites with picnic tables, huge flattened areas for the biggest tents, fire pits, rv hookup areas, and a store close by with boat launch.

Avoid this area

Not worth the drive in

Nice Oaky Campsite

Was 0.75 miles away from water (we have been in a drought?) but beautiful spacious campsite. Even with annoying neighbors, you can have peace and quiet. Fun, almost hidden area that I didn’t know existed before this trip.

Stehekin is great, paid campsites though?

These were a little far from the lake for my liking. No views. Nice forest on the hill though! Hidden up and behind the ranger station.

Border or Bust

Starting spot for our PCT SOBO thru-hike in 2019. Woke up to snow on the summer solstice!

Beautiful area (even with the eastern approach to it a burned down forest) and for most of the summer, there are super nice rangers at the cabin there. If you are a thru-hiker, theres oftentimes trail magic here!! Easy hitch down to Mazama.


Awesome views up and down lake. Great stumps in water to jump off of. Cool sand-bar to walk around and enjoy sunset. Clean bathrooms. Nice dock. Flattened sites. Peninsula means views of lake on either side. The only thing I could ask for would be sites closer to the water.

Good campsites, warm-ish water??

Was a little smoky while we were here. Rating it a little low because of annoying kids who definitely weren’t honoring quiet hours after midnight in the site next to us.

Bad mosquitos, rocky beach, uneven ground, but at least there were toilets! I’d recommend picking Pumpkin Mountain campsite or one on the other side of the lake.

Best Campsite on the PNT

Took the site to the farthest north. STUNNING sunset views of Baker and (if you get into the water) Shuksan. Bunch of flat sites, great fire-rings, and even an old dock if you have a boat. No running water, but… there’s a lake right there!

Hiked the whole Baker Lake Trail and from what we saw, this was the best site!

Desert/City Lookout

Great spot along the PCT. Our site even came with a creepy manakin… make sure to look for it and add a sticker!

Each site has its own fire pit and we did not expect to find nice bathrooms here, but they were great!