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Boat in

Great site. Easy kayak in, clean sand. Very little light pollution, good times.


awesome trip.  we just did 20+ miles, from echo lake in, around, and out to Aloha before heading back over 2.5 days.  Aloha is kinda surreal.  and in places there are rock path in the middle where a person can walk in a few inches of water and appear to the viewer to be "walking on water"

it was hot in July…

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We had a great time.

We just stayed one night before going to desolation wilderness the next day, but the sites all looked flat, fire rings were clean, no trash, and the noise level went to hush at 9:00

Words can’t describe

This is by far one of the most beautiful places that I have ever camped. It’s at the bottom of the Grand Canyon on the havasupi reservation. Tickets are super hard to get. Arrive the night before and camp in the parking lot. It’s a hot 10 mile hike down to your location. You need to leave at least three days for out and back trips to the other waterfalls in the other places to see on the res.  and leave in the wee hours of the morning to go back out because it’s an even hotter 10 mile hike up hill

I love this place!

Do the whole trans Catalina trail. 50 miles. Hot. Mostly Exposed. Bison. Really. Google it.

After 20 miles with a full pack it was just what the doctor ordered

Dry camp. They will leave water and wood for you in a locker if you plan ahead. Porta potties. Shelters will support a hammock.


We’ll go back. Kaiser Pass was a bit of an adrenaline rush. It took 2 hours to drive 18 mikes on a one lane road that is not in good repair. But WORTH it! The campground is nice, walkable and level. The dispersed area is always open, though you need a 4WD to access. The s emery is great. Doris lake is pretty, with several cliffs to jump from ranging all sizes up to 60” feet. The hot springs and mud baths are great!

Nice, private campground

All exposed, all flat. Easy access. Store has everything you need. Wood is 10 bucks a bundle. It’s private owned so fire rings are always ok. If you don’t want to cook there are 2 restaurants next door.

Love this campground

Always windy. Great scenery, and many of the tent sites are tucked away in little nooks and crannies for privacy if you don’t want the more open outer ring sites.

Most of the sites were not very level

There were several groups partying loudly well after midnight , and the water was nearly a mile walk to the boat ramp and almost 2 mikes to a “beach” that was closed. New construction might make some of this better, but unless something drastic changes I’m scratching this one off my list.

The greenscape was awesome

Even though it rained we gad a great hike. The falls were beautiful, and jumping into Midnight Hole was fun. Even at midnight :)


The road in was an adventure. The last 18 miles over Kaiser Pass took 1.5 hours. A sub-par road surface little bigger than one lane in many places made transit.. interesting. However, the views were incredible, and once we arrived, the campground was awesome. No hook ups (RV usage prohibited and likely not possible over Kaiser Pass), but 50-ish sites for reservations, a few cabins, and a very large dispersed area for free camping (4WD or hike in). There were a dozen hot springs and mud baths peppered around a couple acres on the south side of a very pretty, clear, cold stream. Plenty of people fishing. Several trails to a few alpine lakes, and great swimming and cliff jumping at Doris lake. We did take our Eurovan there, and saw a Vanagon. Mostly trucks and keeps. Though, there were a few small 2WD cars there too. Awesome trip, we will likely return.