Chris E.

Virginia Beach, VA

Joined August 2018

Go South For The Winter!

This is a great spot to escape the cold. It is a fair distance from Key West, about a half hour drive. This location does have all the amenities you wake me though.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime spot for sure. We rode a catamaran over there and were able to bring our supplies. It is a fantastic spot for snorkeling & scuba diving. The boat was able to drop you off and pick you up the next day. Make sure you’re able to bring whatever you may need because you are on your own once you’re there

Consistently has proven to be a quality getaway spot

It is a close drive to the oceanfront yet secluded so you still have some peace and quiet. It’s a no brainer easy to plan getaway location

Great Group Location

We brought a large group of boys here and had a great time. It did have some issues with drainage but the pool and the mini adventure opportunities made it worth the trip

Nice spot to get away for a night or 2

we crashed out at the spot just to get away for a couple dates and it fit the bill. We pitched a tent and let a campfire and had a good weekend

Great Basecamp Spot

We were on a long motorcycle ride through Yosemite and crashed out for a night here. It was perfect

One of the best campgrounds this far south

Although this spot has taken a beating from Irma they worked super hard to get it back in shape. With a boat ramp as well as a convenience store and some memorable views this spot is a must

A slice of heaven

On top of the world! This is a great place to go and explore Seneca rocks. If you were a climber or a hiker this is an epic get away

Great place to spend a week away from the hustle

This is a great location right on Lake Gaston. You can rent a cabin pitch a tent or park in RV

Great Escape!!

This campground is close to Virginia Beach and is super accessible . My kids loved the paddleboats as well as the waterpark. There is a general store and a little arcade . You can swim in the pool or rent a boat and go for a ride out in the Chesapeake Bay .

Great Spot For A Day Or A Week

This is a great campground that my family loves to visit. It is close to Virginia Beach so there is no excuse not to get away. You can rent a boat or swim in the pool and even enjoy the paddleboats. there is a waterpark and a little country store. I have had friends that rent their cabins or bring an RV, as well as pitch a tent. Lets goncamping!


This is a wonderful place to get away - right near the beach. You can have a fire pit as well as stop in the country store for anything you might need while you’re there. The trails are great for hiking or going for a run.

Clean & Quiet

This campground is in a great location. Is quiet and super clean. The pools are awesome and there is plenty to do

Its own zip code

There are so many sites to choose from. The campground has 4 pools & a little arcade connected to a snack bar. It is super clean & in a great location. HIGHLY recomemd.