Chloe D.

Grand Canyon Village, AZ

Joined May 2018

Guide trailer at GC. Cranky. Probably needs a hike.


This is a really underrated place to camp or hike. It is really beautiful and quiet, with some wonderful water and forests!

My favorite place

Homer is my favorite town. It is so fun to camp here, right on the bay, with the mountains in the distance. It's the perfect camp!

Nice area

Beautiful forest and close to the cute towns of Pine and Strawberry. It's also close to Tonto Natural Bridge. May have to drive some rough roads to get there.

Cactus magic

I love this National Park. It's beautiful and mysterious. Despite close spaces to camp, it was a lot of fun. It was quiet and people were respectful. Land landscape is amazing and the cactus forests are beautiful. My tent was surrounded by coyotes, which was wonderful.

Beautiful but way too crowded

It's a lovely area with great scenery, cactus forest, wild burros. But there are way too many people. The park may even close down if too many people are there. And it needs some love. Some rude, tacky people have littered.

Quiet of the desert

This place is so peaceful. You can see the mesas in the distance. It's not far from Winslow or Flagstaff. But it's nice and quiet there. It has a wonderful feeling. There are many artifacts so remember to leave no trace and not move or remove anything.


This is one of the most beautiful places on earth! Nothing beats camping near a glacier!


Such a gorgeous place! I love this lake. It's absolutely magical and I've always had a good experience. It is quite cold, with a chill coming from the water, so be aware of that and plan accordingly.

pretty but crowded

It is a pretty area. I love he pines and the lake. However, the spots were close to each other and crowded. I wish people would have manners and not play music, but that was an issue, all night.