Cherri H.

Buckeye, WV

Joined June 2019

I’ve been Primitive camping since childhood. I’m a touring cyclist, which means I’m usually carrying all my camping gear on my bicycle. So, always tent camping. In the last year, we have begun traveling and camping from our SUV, which seems luxurious compare to the minimalism of bike touring. We travel a lot and did a good bit of camping along the Munda Biddi Trail in Western Australia in 2018.

Good campground on the water

We got the last site. #7. It is across the rd from the lake/bay and a short walk from the bathroom and showers. The campground was clean. The bath house was clean, as well. There were a lot of golf carts making the loop for some reason. Maybe 10/ hour until about 8 pm. It didn’t bother us, but it is worth mentioning. The people who booked the site next to ours came in about 7, and unloaded about 12 teen boys. We thought it was going to be another noisy night, but not so. It was a group of Boy Scouts returning home from camp in GA and they arrived, did bedtime routine, slept, got up and did morning routine, broke camp and left by 9 am. From site 7, you can see the water if whoever is in 6 isn’t using a trailer or RV. You can see water, but through trees. There is a little poison oat or Ivy near 7. There is a dumpster on your way out of the campground. No other trash receptacles. I’m including the campground rules and map. Site 7 was a good site, but the lights from the bathroom interior are blinding from this site at night. We hung a bath towel over the tent to help block that when people opened the door. If we return, we want site 6! our maps app sent us 15 miles for groceries. You don’t need to go that far. There is a nice market and cafe, as well as a dairy bar in the little town about 2 miles before the campground off of Cosby Rd. There is also a bakery just down the rd. on Cosby Rd. Enjoy!

First come first served NOT TRUE

Having watched this campground for days as we traveled west from WV, we saw empty sites daily that said first come, first served. We couldn’t book them because they are booked as campers arrive at the last minute. We could see that 3, then 2, then 1 campsites were left as we approached. The attendant, Susanne, told me that she couldn’t let me have the site because someone else was “on the way”. I told her that it is a gov’t campground, and it is supposed to be booked to whomever arrives to claim it first. I had followed the regulations to book the site and she was supposed to rent the site to me. It didn’t happen. She went on to chuckle snuggly when I said there were other campgrounds in the area and that I might yet find something. It is days before July 4. She said NOTHING is available, I should have booked ahead. As we left, I checked another federal site, just 11 miles away. They had vacancies. Rather than lose the vacancy, we drove 2 miles back to Eureka and had Susanne check to see if the site was, in fact, available, and to “hold” it for us, as she had done for the site we came to claim. This woman just told me there was NOTHING available, without even checking the closest campground!!!

Beautiful, peaceful sites on the water

Despite the fact that we were tent camping, we booked in a premium site, on the water with power and water. The sites are on platforms over the lake bank. We loved this campground! It is very clean. The bathrooms and showers were immaculate as well, despite the fact that the campground is at capacity. Good WiFi signal. Camp store is on site. Marina is a one mile hike, or accessible by car. Sites on the lake have water, electric, fire ring and second water spigot. One downfall is that there is poison oak EVERYWHERE. The boardwalk to the bath house is lined with it. Choose which walkway you use, because the one from the cove can’t be walked without poison oak brushing your feet and legs. Checkout is noon. We had a great stay.