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Amazing Place

  Let me start off by saying I made it to this spot in my Kia Niro with its front wheel drive. Not the worst dirt road I've encountered but very steep in some parts and I would not recommend going to this site in the snow unless you have 4 wheel drive, snow chains and experience. I didn't go in the snow but I could imagine. One slip and you're in serious trouble. That out of the way, this place is GREAT!

  On the drive up you go through a sleepy little town half way up the mountain, the views along the drive are stunning. Bring plenty of supplies and know its about a 40 min drive each way to get more.

   Lots of wildlife in the area, was a little concerned about bears in the area as it looked like they had some scratching posts right around our campsite (pictures posted) but didn't end up seeing a one.

   May be pretty tight for a larger RV as sites are pretty small. Vaulted toilets were very well maintained. I will go back!


P.S. Don't forget, always leave the area better than you found it!

            LEAVE NO TRACE!

Quick Trip

 Took a very last minute trip for one night. Such a close spot and beautiful escape from LA, that's also probably the most negative part of the review. Being so close to LA means lots of in and out traffic and it shows. PEOPLE LEAVE GARBAGE EVERYWHERE!! Truly disgusting to destroy your own backyard like that.

  Definitely stop off in the Crystal Lake Cafe for some food. Food is great and the owner, Adam, is a true diamond in the rough, very nice man. No need to bring wood up there, Adam sells wood by the wood barrel full and its GREAT hardwood, burns all night.

   Will I go again? Sure. Mainly because its a quick escape. Will I go again on a weekend? NO!!

Locals go up there to party and we had a group arrive at midnight and started blasting heavy metal music until 3AM!!!!


P.S. Don't forget, always leave the area better than you found it!


Get a Breath
Beautiful mountain. In the summer months I’d like to camp higher up. This site is about half way up the mountain and the quick difference going from Vegas through the desert and ending up on top of a lush green mountain side nestled below overhanging peaks is amazing. I always seem to arrive during the night which is something I need to correct, don’t do that. Especially if you are a first timer and have zero knowledge of an area. 

When you pull into the empty turn around and onto the dirt road you could be immediately disarmed. The second you pull off the road you notice gang symbols spray painted on the tree’s (sad) and a lot of empty beer cans. It could be alarming but if you continue up the dirt road it clears up. Really beautiful sites all around. I went in February and got some nice slow flurries which was a nice treat. Problem was that is snowed through the night and I woke up to about three inches. When you’re going in its all down hill, exiting with snow reminds me why I need 4 wheel drive. Enjoy the photos, I will be back!

P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!
          LEAVE NO TRACE. P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!
Gosh Darn Beautiful

This was a cool spot.

You wouldn’t think of getting as much privacy as one can in a National Park. The drive off the paved road isn’t as long/bad as you’d expect. I had a little trouble getting in but that’s partially my fault, try not to drive into a dispersed camping site at night when its the first time you’ve ever been. Getting in is a little harder than getting out because there is on particular steep, rocky hill on the drive in. Again, I only have front wheel drive but I questioned turning around at one point. Get over the first hill and your in!!

Total privacy at this hidden beach on Lake Mead. Listen though, its a pain, but if you get to the water and see someone else camping there... Follow the first come first serve rule. There is enough room for several tents in the area but given the surrounding terrain, if you don’t know them, move on. I can’t stress that enough. Luckily for me, no signs of human life were detected during my two night stay. That is of course excluding the time I went on a hike and came back to a warning stuck to my cooler. It was my fault, I brought a glass bottle of whiskey and left it out (NO GLASS ALLOWED). The park ranger whom I had not seen was nice about it though, just the warning and he didn’t dump it out or take it. THANK GOD. I will absolutely visit this site again, perhaps in the summer as you’re surrounded by that crystal clear water. 

P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!
          LEAVE NO TRACE. 
You’re Out There

This was a cool spot to camp!

It was like you were camping in a museum. Walking around at night exploring the abandoned structures was surreal. You could almost hear the voices of the past and imagine what life was like in this town at the turn of the century. 
We went in February so we got to experience some more mild weather, I couldn’t comprehend camping here in the summer as it was still mildly warm during the days in winter. Thankfully they have covered picnic areas with tables and benches, they’re about the only shade you are going to find.

Please don’t take and artifacts you may find, its so cool to see these rusted pieces of history scattering the ground. 

Highly recommend a 4 wheel vehicle. I only have front wheel drive and definitely had a couple of nerve wracking moments during the drive in. We went a few days after a rain storm and there are several washes crossing the dirt road to the site. If you are coming from the west coast be sure to stock up on supplies in the town of Parker. BRING PLENTY OF WATER AND MAKE SURE YOU DRIVE OUT WITH A FULL TANK OF GAS. Don’t risk it. 

Really cool place to check out. Lots of dune buggies during the day. 

  Decent spot worth checking out.


P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!
          LEAVE NO TRACE. 
One of my favorites.

Snowcapped peaks up high and rushing water below. The pull off has plenty of parking but I was surprised to find people set up next to their cars, granted there was only one other camping party there. So many openings and sites next to the water, only rule is that fires and tents have to be 25ft from the water. No big deal, plenty of room. Two well kept porta potty’s and a dumpster are located in the parking lot and are not a far walk from any of the sites. Hang your trash in a tree or walk it to the dumpster before you go to bed, had to figure that the hard way. Lots of curious birds and squirrels watching you during the day. In the evening/late day that area of the river is LOADED with beavers. Watching them swim around and nibble on branches is memorizing, amazing creatures. At night time you get another variety of animals. We made friends with a couple of skunks. This area has the traditional and familiar stripped skunk and one that is newer to me, the spotted skunk. They’re so cute, more like ferrets. We named him Farley because “HE LIVES UNDER A ROCK…DOWN BY THE RIVER!”. At night, amazing view of the stars! No light pollution granted I went on a new moon. On your way in or out don’t forget to stop in the quaint town of Kernsville. If you need ANYTHING, you can get it at the Kern General Store. You could literally go there with nothing and buy any camping equipment at the General Store.

Lastly, do yourself a favor and stop in the Kern Brewery for some suds and food. I personally got the tri-tip sandwich and a flight of their finest beer. Delicious!!98

Overall, fantastic spot. Will definitely become one of my regular haunts! -Chuck

P.S. Don’t forget, always leave the area better than you found it!

tip: Park your car and before you unload, explore down the hill by the Kern River to find a great spot!