Nice river-side camping

Nice enough campsites, but no privacy. Good hiking trails.

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Nice campground - swimming hole

Nice enough to get away from the city - firewood from the park itself was damp and unlightable.

Good camping to enjoy the Grand Coulee Damn

Thought we'd be sleeping in the car in a parking lot after the laser light show at the Grand Coulee Dam, but we found a spot at this nice campground just a fe miles away. Nice, but nothing too special.

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Nice attractions - crows will wake you up in the morning

Nestled in a beautiful area. Campground was a little 'urban' with little privacy, but it was nice enough for travelling through. Check out the bay and make sure to explore Cape Arago.

Near perfection

Couldn't have hoped for a nicer campground. Quiet, but not too far off of 101. Right along the Rogue River so you get to watch 'Mailboat' tours go by - lots of fun for the kids. Good rock hunting as well. Will definitely go back to this one. Make sure to check out the biggest Myrtle tree nearby.

Off the beaten path in a nice location, but it can be a party spot

Stumbled onto this one while looking at a map. Nice county campground right next to a big lagoon. Large spots for tents and lots of privacy. However, the night that we stayed (late summer) found a huge party happening in the north end of the park. It didn't bother us much as we were far enough away (felt sorry for the folks who's campsites were nearby), but it was strange that such a wild party could happen in a county park. Regardless, a nice hidden gem.

Exceptional camping right in the heart of the Redwoods

Privacy, amenities, comfort, Redwoods.. truly a crown jewel of Northern California camping. Reservations long in advance needed.

Close to the ocean, but no privacy

This is a campground for folks who don't go camping that often. All the comforts (showers, etc.) but your next door neighbor's tent is less than 20 feet away and there's very few trees. Zero privacy. Feels like camping at a music festival without the good music.

The ocean is super close however and the town of Manzanita is a real treat.

A nice campground with lots to do

Not a lot of privacy, but the location makes up for it. Make sure to check out the lighthouses and spend some time at Waikiki Beach - a strange freshwater (it's still the Columbia River) beach with huge ocean waves and a lot of cool driftwood.

More than just a campground

Hit this one in April so we didn't need a reservation (though I am pretty sure you need one during the summer season). A well appointed campground with showers and big spots for tents. Bring your bike! I think there's close to seven miles of bike trails that lead you to most of the attractions at the park. Be sure to check out the fort itself and the wreck of the Peter Iredale.

An alternative in a pinch

Ended up here after getting skunked at Nehalem Falls and Nehalem Bay. Got the last campsite available (it was Friday evening) and as luck would have it it was just a few feet from the ocean!

Campground was comfortable, but had a bit of an 'urban' feel as the campsites were pretty crammed in there. Another issue, which is the main reason I only give three stars, is that there's a buoy at the end of the jetty that let's out a wail every ten minutes or so. A little hard to feel like you're in nature with a siren going off, but you get somewhat used to it.

Secluded and private

A family favorite. A quiet campsite set along Trout Lake Creek in a deeply wooded area. Road to the campground can be a bit rough, but most cars should be fine. Is filling up pretty regularly on the weekends now.

The secret got out

Truly one of our favorite campgrounds in the Pacific Northwest. All of the campsites are very nice (though try to avoid the campsite nearest the dumpster as you will get an occasional smell of garbage). Make sure to spend plenty of time down by the river and take an hour to slowly walk the small loop trail.

Five or six years ago one could easily get a campsite on Friday evening, but last year (2015) we were unable to get a camping spot on a Tuesday morning! I asked the camp host why this was and he told me that the campground was featured on an outdoor show a couple of years ago and has been full ever since. Sad to have 'lost' our favorite campground, but it is still great for day trips from Portland.