Comfortable and Gorgeous!

(3/23/21) Burlington Campground is a wonderful place if you're looking for a relaxing, comfortable forest retreat. Although I don't have any, I think this would be a great place to bring kids who you're hoping to inspire an outdoors lifestyle. Lots of nice, easy trails around and amenities are kept clean and well stocked. I've camped quite a bit along coastline, close to the water, so I was surprised at how warm the redwoods kept us overnight, despite it being early spring.

I stayed for a brief 2 nights as I was on the road, but I would absolutely love to come back here again for a longer, more intentional stay! Totally recommend - if you do stop here for a night, enjoy your stay!

Can’t Wait To Come Back

(3/11/21) We camped here for just one night in transit to the Lost Coast and it was great! We originally booked a site at Gerstle Cove Campground but were relocated to Woodside due to some tree maintenance happening at GCC.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really see the full extent of the campground since we came in after dark, but the campsites were generous in regards to space and privacy.

The water spigots were painted like whimsical little mushrooms and bathrooms were clean and well stocked. The next day, we crossed to road to admire the gorgeous views of Gerstle Cove and lamented at the fact we didn’t jump in! It was absolutely stunning and I look forward to coming back soon!

A Seaside Wonder

(3/12/21) A wonderful little campground!

Although there’s no access to potable water, amenities that were available were generous in nature. Pit toilets were plentiful stocked with tp (a hot commodity, as we all know) and both recycling and trash receptacles were present.

Each of the 15 campsites had a concrete picnic bench and fire pit - firewood has to be brought in or you can scavenge for any downed wood (driftwood on the beach near by).

Would 10/10 visit again. A note of caution: camping here is first-come, first-served and the road coming into the site (Lighthouse Rd) is compact dirt and full of potholes - very muddy when raining. Just be mindful and drive safe! 🏕🚗🌲🌊