Columbus, OH

Joined September 2020

Nice People, Nice Pool

Lots of full-time residents, great private campground. It’s an RV resort, so sites are right next to each other, but the grounds and facilities are clean and well-kept. The pool is really nice. They also have a playground for the kids. They also have themed-event weekends, which are really fun! It’s on the pricey side, but worth it in my opinion.

Beautiful, private sites

This is the proper listing for the campground. The camp sites are spacious and private, surrounded by trees and brush. Beautiful walking trails. There’s also a great mountain biking trail in the vicinity. There’s a small beach within the campground, a bigger public beach a short drive away, hiking trails and campground events to enjoy. The prices here are reasonable, however most sites are booked by seasonal campers who pay for the whole season and leave their RV/set-ups in one place the whole season, so all the choice sites (ie lakefront) are always taken. From what I’ve been told you might be able to get into one if you book the whole season a year in advance.

Beach, Not a campground

The location of this listing is for the public beach and not the campground. The campground is farther north. This beach is really nice at the beginning of the season but the busier it is the worse it gets as the summer progresses. It seems like most of the people who frequent this beach or boat in the lake do not clean up after themselves or their pets. By midsummer the beach is a mess and the fish are dying in droves. It’s very disappointing.