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Overland Park, KS

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I like being outside, puppies, and laughing.

Great Park! Close Neighbors

Great campsite! Clean with many things to do. As most reviews have mentioned, sites are very close together.

Restrooms were alright. They are shared between RV campground and tent campground. Only two showers and two stalls.

Hikes were great! The waterfall is beautiful, however the park map confused us more than we thought it would. Unsure why it was so difficult to read, but we figured it out!

Town Makes It Worth It

We’ve been to Weston Bend once before, but not with our pop up. Sites are fairly close together. No water hook ups and spigot water was kind of funky.

Our site was just down the road from the showers, but could potentially be an up hill journey for some sites.

The town of Weston will keep us coming back. Great wineries and shops. Just outside KC makes it super convenient for us!

Didn’t take too many pics this time!

Beautiful Views!

So this was our first trip to Devil’s Den and our first trip with our new pop up. The forecast didn’t look promising but we went anyway. Didn’t know about the lack of cell service, but being off the grid it was great for the most part! There were cell spots within a few minutes drive so could check the weather forecast.

We didn’t know much about our exact campsite until we got there. It was right next to the baseball field and it was very spread out. We scoped our better spots for next time. We were able to go on a short hike in between the rain and the trail was beautiful.

My only complaint was restrooms in comparison to other Arkansas state parks. The bar is set high and these didn’t feel the cleanest. A young man was there each morning “cleaning” but I can’t say it was very clean. As stated before, I feel Arkansas state parks have the best facilities that we’ve camped, so over all it was nice, but not the best.

We plan on checking out Devil’s Den again and hope for better weather!

Great! Bathrooms need some help

We stayed at the Hermitage campground at Pomme de Terre last weekend. Easy check in and easy to navigate around the campground. Our only complaint was the vault bathrooms and the showers. It could have just been the end of the month, but the vault bathrooms were unbelievably smelly. I have a hard stomach, but that was a little much. The showers had mold on the walls, not ideal. I understand it is camping and we’re roughing it a little, but compared to others, these were not ideal.

Great boating location (site H412) and views of sunsets!


Headed back to Lake Ouachita State Park for the second time, even more beautiful than we remembered! We were able to score the exact site as last time, but site #T9 was fantastic. The lake was high, so the fire pit was fairly close to the water. Two perfect hammock trees were inches away from the crystal clear lake. Perfect for getting in and out of the kayak.

Beautiful Sites With Beautiful Views!

Decided to try out Pomme de Terre this weekend. We are not disappointed! Beautiful views form the campsite— tent camping on a peninsula in surrounded by Pomme de Terre lake. Check in was a little confusing, and we later found out the shop is closed for the season. We’ve been having to head to town to purchase wood and ice which is slightly inconvenient. Facilities are average— I’m not amazing but not disgusted, they are what you’d expect! Nice and quiet this weekend, beautiful clear water waiting to be canoed in. If only we had one! We’ll be back!

Great place, close to neighbors!

Palisades is a great state park! Everyone there was so friendly and informative-- you can tell they really enjoy where they work. The park itself is beautiful! The only downside was how close the tent campsites were to each other. I would have liked a little more privacy and better views, but the sites were well kept!

No thanks.

After a long drive full of incorrect directions, we reach L&C State Park in the early evening. We stop by a booth to ask where we pay, what's available, etc. The ranger we met was very rude, rolling his eyes, and looking incredibly annoyed that we even would ask such questions. We eventually found a spot (slim selection) and it is literally next to a fence of someone's backyard. We decided to stay because we already drove all the way here.

After we set up our tent, the ranger had an extreme change of tone and asks if we'd like to join the "leaf talk" occurring in about 30 min. What?! We made the best of it, until the morning when our fence friends roared up their motorcycles at about 630 AM.

Not a good experience. We have not been back and I wouldn't recommend it.

Could be better

Clinton is somewhat close to us, so that is its big pull for us. The biggest pull for me is stopping in Lawrence on the way home. Lawrence is a college town with great restaurants and shops. Clinton had great views, questionable bathrooms, however. Depending on when you go, you may get rowdy college kids nearby. We always find ourselves going back for the convenience.

First to Review
Great, but need more by the water!

Hillsdale is a close stop for us. We'll often go when we only have one night to camp. Unfortunately, the waterside sites are minimal and most seem to be RV sites. We often find ourselves in a field with port-a-potties instead of lakeside with views. Not bad for what it is, I do wish they had more options.

Beautiful, as expected.

I mean, how could it be bad?! Easy to find, obviously SO much to do. We spent three nights there with our pooch, but we could have spent longer. It was the perfect stop on our southwest road trip. A lot of people, but that is to be expected. Views are unreal. Very humbling to see such a natural beauty.

Amazing! Will be back soon!

Nothing but great things to say about Lake Ouachita State Park. We were headed that direction to visit Hot Springs National Park, but chose to stay nearby at Lake Ouachita. It was phenomenal! The views were breathtaking, the bathrooms were pristine, the trails were glorious! We decided on a walk-up campsite and did not regret that decision at all. We brought our pup with us and she had a blast too! Next time, we'll be sure to bring kayaks or paddle boards and take off right from our campsite. We will for sure be back!

Great Views, but very spread out!

We decided on Prairie Creek for the water and the "cuteness" of Rogers, AR. We selected spots with amazing views (sites 98 and 99!) and we were not disappointed. The hike to the lolly bathrooms was all uphill, and the showers were a 20 min walk. Quite long. The bathrooms at the shower house were relatively clean. Campsites themselves were clean. Platforms for tents were great until a storm blew in. The gravel did not grip our tent stakes and our tent almost went flying. We rushed to take it down and spent the night in a friend's RV.

There were a couple breweries in town we visited. The city itself was pretty much closed on Sundays, so plan your "town time" accordingly.