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A great day trip option for locals

A family friendly shaded picnic area with a grill. Each picnic table is shaded but they go fast on the weekends. There is a convenience store and a grill with burgers and fries. You can rent boats but it can get pricey. There are some shallow, calmer parts of the water that are perfect for kids.

The daily rate is $30 per vehicle unless you have an annual pass. There is also one pay phone that charges an outrageous rate per minute, so pack your outdoor essentials to be prepared.

Amazing place

I had no idea this place existed and I’ve been driving through St. George for years. There is a lot of beautiful variety in the landscapes within the park. The park fee was $10 but if you camp at Snow Canyon, it’s included in the cost.

The sand pit reminded me of something from the Flintstones. A great spot to take your kids to play in this super soft, red sand. I would recommended taking a bike or a longboard (like I did in my video) and ride along the paved sidewalks. You get to be immersed in the vegetation and have a great view of the canyons. Definitely will be returning soon!

Unlike any camping experience in the desert

This is honestly a very unique camping experience. There is absolutely nothing, yet it is so beautiful. Check out the panoramic picture and see the mountains behind and the full extent of the dried lake bed.

Absolutely no water, electricity nothing. Pack everything you need and prepare for emergencies. It’s a very short drive to the beloved 7 Magic Mountains but it’s very quiet and peaceful. Do not attempt camping in the summer but the cooler months really shows off the stars and the Milky Way.

A quiet place by the lake

The road is paved until the end but you can manage easy with a 2 wheel drive vehicle. I parked right along the water but beware, there are lots of bugs. The water can be chilly since Lake Mead is very deep but in the spring and summer the water is really nice to wade in.

Plenty of spots for fishing. Bring a chair, sunscreen, bug spray and water. The water is a bit calmer since most of the boats go on the other side of the lake.

I would recommend going around the sunrise or sunset because colors are quite stunning.

Such a gem in the desert

This place seems like it is in the middle of nowhere but it truly is an oasis in the desert. A sight to see for locals if they haven’t seen the Ash Meadows. It’s in between Pahrump and Death Valley so you can take a quick detour.

The mountains reflection in the water (see pic) is really what made this place special. There weren’t too many visitors so we depending on the day, you can have the whole park to yourself.

I saw the most beautiful sunset of my life at Ash Meadows and would recommend it as a good day trip.

Must visit in the fall

There is a large pavilion with plenty of shade, tables and fire grills accompanied by a bathroom. It can get crowded on the weekends so come early or book a reservation through their website.

The best part about Red Spring Picnic Area is the long wooden pathway you can walk on to get a closer look at the desert eco system without tramping on the vegetation.

A must visit in Autumn when all the leaves change (view my pictures) and the weather is pleasant. Take a short hike on a paved walkway to catch some of the rock climbers Red Rock attracts.

Rocky at best

You really can’t beat those red mountains and the beauty of the natural desert… but it’s a little hard to see it from here. The campground offers clean amenities but overcharges for the stay.

There are plenty of BLM spots around Redrock with stunning views, but this campground will do for a quick getaway.

☀️🌵Like any desert, it gets hot during the day and chilly during the nights 🥶

A Solid Choice for Locals

Mount Charleston itself is quite sparse in trees but the few high pines shade the campgrounds below. The air is nice and fresh although the air can be more thin than accustomed to so take breaks on hikes.

The campground is managed well and ranges from busy to vacant. No river running through.

Ducking cute

Very quaint and charming. It is popular although not packed with people with plenty of space left between campgrounds. There is a big pond of water with all sorts of wildlife and running streams.

Be sure to make reservations on weekends. It’s located on the top of a very high canyon so bring warm layers or the nighttime.

Beautiful but loud during weekends

This campground has plenty of sites but it fills up fast on weekends and holidays. It can also get pretty loud before quiet hours hit. 

It’s the only campgrounds within the park, so call the rangers ahead of time to check.