Cassie S.

Denver, CO

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My husband and I love dispersed/primitive camping and make an effort to go at least 2 times a month! Loving all Colorado has to offer us in that Dept!

Nice camp spot, but a bit flat

We did dispersed camping here while we still lived in Texas. The forest was nice, but hike in was not challenging at all, and short. Park gets busy during spring/summer for fishing at pond. Best parts of our trip was how the forest animals really came alive at night, and the clear starry sky. The out-house at the primitive sites was a luxury you don't usually get when camping that way. If you enjoy dispersed camping the way we do, this may not be the place for you. The regular campsites may be nicer here but we did not venture that way. Also, Texas March weather is perfect for camping. Good place for a quick get-a-way from the city.

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Here there be Moose

This was such a fun spot for dispersed camping! The hike was definitely a difficult one so some experience in elevation is needed. I believe the exact elevation on the site is 9,770. My husband and I are still learning how cold the mountains get in late summer/early fall so we felt unprepared when night came (waking up a few times shivering) but that did not ruin our great adventure! The creek was basically right next to camp site so you get lulled to sleep by the water. We took our mini camper stove to boil water for food and drink. Really good trails/views. Lots of silly squirrels here, chattering and dropping pine cones at you. But the best part was waking up to an adult moose and young across the creek eating. We cautiously approached for a look, however once they saw us they gave us a "snort check" and began to clomp towards us. We of course turned back to camp immediately to give them a respectful distance, but it was the coolest moment on the trip. (Be aware moose are aggressive especially when young are around.) We are eager to go back to this spot some day next year, maybe in mid summer/early summer next time.

Primitive camping for the win!

We went primitive camping here off of the Horseshoe trail head, stayed at spot 5. It was a magical spot! You have a few options on where to pop your tent here, we chose tucked away behind the rocks, nice and snug. Plenty to explore here on and off the trails, where permitted. No water source close so bring water! Great park to see elk! Also, whent in July and weather was not bad at all.

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Known for it's dark skies!

The only reason I give this park a 3 is because we did not stay long enough to explore the trails. We went for it's epic dark skies! Took our big Orion telescope and had great clear views of the milky way, even got to see Venus as a cresent! It was very peaceful, went in March. More of a dessert-y feeling park so if you are looking for think forest this is not that park. We will definitely go again!