Carter W.

Wichita, KS

Joined December 2015

Easy going

A nice campground with both tent and RV sites. Nicely separated from the RV sites so that  I wasn't breathing in the RV exhaust. There is the canoe drop in that is quite busy during the day but not a hassle, It does have quiet hours that are enforced by the camp hosts. The cliff on the other side of the river was a gorgeous view when the sun was setting.

The facilities are very nice that are attached to the rodeo grounds. The toilets flush and the showers are private.

Listed twice

This campsite is listed twice. Maybe someone added a new one and didn’t see this one. This one does have a good description of the campsite. Great campsite. The pictures should give a good idea of the area and the great campground. As well as rules and costs. The river is across the highway.


This campsite is truly primitive only. There were no RV’s taking up space. There were good separate spots that included a fire pit and a table. The fire pit in our spot was up next to the shoreline where we didn’t want it so we built one with a hole and rocks. It did get a bit windy but we put the Jeep behind us so that blocked some wind. This site is not near any hiking so you will have to drive to the hiking spot.

private, beautiful overlook

located just a quarter of a mile from the scenic overlook is a road that looks step to the lakeside of the road. If you follow it around you will find many spots to camp. We chose a spot that was slightly muddy but just enough that it was soft to sleep on. We brought a canoe and carried it to the bank of the lake. we found enough rocks around to have a perfect fire pit as well. The road is gravel and is easy to travel with a vehicle that is a good distance off the ground.

Perfect spot

This campground is another one to be proud of. Easy to find using The Dyrt and there is a sign right off the highway. There is probably 8 spots not including 5 day(non-overnight) spots. The one we chose was very clean and had a mowed spot to set up the tent. There is a nice firepit to use that has a removable grill on it. There is also a standing grill in case you want to use charcoal to get the grill going. The table is very nice at this one. Probably the nicest I've seen. on a concrete pad with very thick stone tops. We did not do any hiking as our time was limited. the bathroom was very nice as it is the beginning of the camping season here. We brought our own firewood but there was some there that we could have used. 

All in all, highly recommended for comfort and beauty. I cannot vouch for the hiking in the area.


We stayed at little bluestem campground in the Hell Creek area, where we camped in a tent. The lake was beautiful and the weather was nice. we went on a short hike on the dakota trail, which was very well kept. we do not own a boat or mountain bikes so there was not a ton of stuff for us to do. the mountain biking looked really fun. and I bet having a boat would have made it even more fun. The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because it was mainly for RV's. which me and my other half are not all about. There are about 20 different campsites and Little Bluestem is the ONLY primitive one. we arrived and there were two RV's in the two best spots at the PRIMITIVE campground.

Favorite campsite

This was our favorite campsite on our roadtrip last year. We did not see the pull off for this one and ended up in a small town that helped us out. there is a building at the front where you can rent stuff and buy stuff. the campsite is huge and open in the middle with trees and beautiful green grass everywhere. we went on a little walking trail that led us down the river. the campground supervisor warned us she had seen a bear miles away. We didnt get to see it. the bathrooms were the usual. a lot of deer got pretty close. It was a quiet spot back off the road with one side being a river and the other being a mountainside. just beautiful and calm .

saftey and beautiful

We were leaving crater lake and needed a place to camp. usually we hate going to rv parks because they are loud and, no offense to anyone, ritzy. we like the rugged road camping in the woods. but this was the exception. we got a tent site, which are cheaper, and the area we were in was for tents only. therefor we were one of two people there. the bathrooms were within walking distance and we had a view of the lake. it felt very safe because there was a trooper shack and we saw them every hour of the day making sure everything was okay. we then found an awesome walking path beneath ground level and against the water. it was truly amazing.

sound of the river

We stayed here only one night but it was amazing. it was not the destination but it came upon us when we needed it. we got a spot and the guy with the huge RV came over and gave us a warm welcome and told us he sells bundles of wood for 5$. it was a great campsite, with the river running right next to it. we saw a guy on a mountain bike. this spot was relatively close to fort collins where we got coffee in the morning. i would go back to this campsite anyday.


We were camping because we were attending Telluride mountain film festival and we did not realize that we would be in for a great surprise. we camped for 3 very long nights at sunshine. the bathrooms were the usual hole in the ground, i'm not complaining because that is a luxury. We went at the end of may and we ended up incredibly cold all night. as we were in the grand canyon a few nights before. the camp groundsman was very nice and we did pay our dues. i think 18 is the right number. we may have payed 15 because we were not using the hookups. you will wake up to an amazing view of the mountain range that is actually on the front of the coors cans( as told by a telluride native). Just BE AWARE that the weather in Colorado is unlike the weather anywhere else. it is bi polar.

The beach in KS??

We went for the weekend, mostly to do some hiking. Then realized we had found one of the nest places in Kansas! We got a perfect camp spot all to ourselves. It was not necessarily private or in the woods. But we were right up against the lake. There was sand like a beach the water was alright. I mean it's a lake. We loved the hiking through limestone. We found couple caves and climbed some rock. Would be good for mntn biking