Cute place to camp with family

I was here on Memorial Day weekend and it was a fun trip! The sites were well shaded and I felt there was a good amount of distance between the spots. Each campsite allows for one car and you can pay $5 a night for one more car. The camp host was nice too!

I will say there were a lot of families so there were tons of kids running around so do with that what you will!

Fun campground for boating!

I come here with my family every year around 4th of July. I would book way ahead for busy holidays like that. 

The water level really varies on the year. Sometimes the water is right up to the edge of the campsites and other years it's about a half-mile walk. Either way it's possible to get campsites with easy access to your boat or jet ski. Some of the campsites can be pretty close to each other so we generally get two or three spots and put our tents in between the two. 

There's portable toilets throughout and a centralized area with regular bathrooms, showers and even laundry machines. There's also a little shop near the boat loading area with food and gear.

I've had a lot of great memories here!

Beautiful and green but some spots are better than others

We stayed there for a weekend in late March and it was gorgeous! The only thing is most of the good spots were closed off. There was only one really good spot with shade that was more secluded than the others so I would suggest getting there early