Bountiful, UT

Joined September 2020

Free Primitive Campsite

Camped here on a Thursday night in late September. Only found one designated campsite, which was available, but there’s a lot of good space for dispersed camping right nearby. Access at the end of a long, but well maintained, dirt road. Campsite consists of a fire pit and picnic table. Some litter, not too bad. No toilets. Bugs aren’t an issue. Water access at a lovely nearby pond. Highly recommended. Only giving 4 stars because the best free sites have water pumps and vault toilets, but this is a great camping experience

Best free campground ever

Plenty of campsites available. Campsites are drive up with fire pits and picnic tables. Very clean vault toilets. I had two neighbors and it was very quiet all night. No trash. There was a working water pump at the campsite. No bugs. Accessible via a long dirt road, no issue for my Honda Civic. Campground is not marked from the road. I’ve slept at 10 or so free campsites nationwide and this is definitely the best one so far.

Free, Primitive Campsite

Got here late on a Wednesday night in late September and there were still two campsites available. Sites consist of a clearing with a fire pit. Campground is at the end of a long dirt road, but it’s good quality, no issue for my Honda Civic. Some noise from kids at other campsites until around 10:30pm. No litter. Good water access. Lots of gnats at night, but no mosquitos. I was a little too close for comfort to one of my neighbors, but crowdedness isn’t too bad. And the view is pretty amazing.

Rough road, trash, but free

I think most of the campsites are only accessible via an extremely rough road that was impassable for my Honda Civic. If you can make it down that road, you’ll probably have a much better experience. I slept at the closest campsite to the highway. Tons of trash - I think somebody took all their belongings and dumped them out here, trash bags full of clothes, a mattress, plus lots of broken bottles and stuff. There’s a fire pit and plenty of deadfall to burn. The highway was quite busy all night. No bugs. No water access of any kind. There’s only one campsite that doesn’t require you to take the rough road, so 4WD probably improves campsite availability quite a bit.

Pleasant, Free, Crowded

I got here on a Friday night in late September and took the last available campsite. The site itself was very small, definitely not big enough for a trailer or RV, but fine for my Honda Civic. There was quite a bit of noise from a youth group out on the dock until 10:30pm. Good water access with the lake. Vault toilets were clean and convenient. Very little litter. No mosquitos, lots of creepy crawlers. Good road, no issues for a sedan. This place would be perfect if it weren’t for weekend noise and availability.

Free, primitive campground, loud partiers

Got here on a Saturday night in late September and both of the campsites were available. Campsites consist of a clearing with a fire pit and a picnic table. No litter. No toilets. Very slow and spotty AT&T service: I was able to text but not access the Internet. The area is very pretty. Soft ground for staking a tent. Bugs were alright, no need for bug spray. There’s water access at the pond, but it’s obviously stagnant and very brackish. Big downside was a convoy of Jeeps full of partiers rolled down to the pond at 12:30am and hung out down there blasting music for an hour, which is a real sleep ruiner. This might be a local party spot, so be aware and maybe pack earplugs if you’re coming on a weekend. Upside is that it’s in a National Forest, so if both sites are taken, you can always dispersed camp

Nice, free, primitive campground

The campsites are just pullouts in the road with fire pits. Good quality dirt access road, no problem for my Honda Civic. Got here on a Monday night in late September and there were lots of campsites available. Good access to water with the river. No mosquitos. Soft ground for staking a tent. Getting here long after dark isn’t an issue, because you can drive right into a campsite. It was very quiet for me, no traffic on the road at night. There was some light litter, a few soda bottles, that kind of thing. No AT&T service. Highly recommended

Nice, Free, Primitive Campground

There are three campgrounds (upper, middle, and lower field) and a trailer field for a total of 24 campsites. Calling them “fields” might be misleading - they’re heavily wooded areas by a river. I slept in the middle field. On a Wednesday night in early September I had the whole campground to myself. Quiet, next to a lightly trafficked road. There was a port a potty. Campsites in middle field are just clearings with fire pits and nothing else. Soft ground for staking a tent. Very few bugs. Good water access with the river. At the middle field, you have to walk 200+ feet from the parking lot to your campsite, so just be prepared to carry your stuff. I got there long after dark: had to stumble around a little in the dark to figure out where the campsites were, but it wasn’t too bad. Highly recommended.