Burgundy A.

Minneapolis, MN

Joined May 2019

Our Dogs Loved It -

Just kidding, our dogs hate camping but we definitely enjoyed Crow Wing. The park ranger was super helpful on our first visit to the park. The campgrounds were beautiful, hiking trails were fun and the fishing was a blast. We would definitely head back to Crow Wing for more camping adventures!

Pretty Views, No Privacy

We reserved a campsite at this park for two nights in May. As expected, the views were beautiful. The hiking trail was short and not well maintained but overall, there were pretty views over the water. Our campsite itself hadn’t been maintained and there was zero privacy. We could see everything in all campsites surrounding ours; even hear their conversations. When we arrived to the park we found out that the office did not have firewood to purchase. Instead they posted a sign that said we’d have to go to Sibley State Park down the street (about 20 minutes away) and get it there. Honestly, we probably won’t go back to this park because the staff didn’t seem to care about the presence of it. Not the best first impression.