Buddy G.
Winston, GA
Joined July 2018
Hiking, camping and floating!!!
BCG to Alum Gap, BCR out

great backing trip with my 9year old! BCG in to Alum Gap campground and BCR out. camp ground has been picked almost clean of lower tree life so no privacy from neighbors. Quiet and Clean though. hike was full of great scenery, 2 falls if you add a little extra and check out Laurel and Raccoon falls.pic of raccon falls

Great Park!

great place to visit,clean and quiet, try and get one of the lake side spots, others aren't far away just not on the shore. Buy firewood at visitors center. bath houses and playground

Camping on Leatherwood Island

great time, one of the larger islands, great lake views. Only down side is the paddle to the island, not hard or difficult, the boat traffic and lack of respect for kayakers was concerning

Clean and quiet

No site specific reservations, right on the chattahoochee, historical sites on the drive in. Great place for family, splash pad in the park

Devils Step Island @ Tim's Ford

We visit here every summer, great paddling, few cliffs to jump off of, awesome old cemetery right beside campsite. All in all. Great place to unwind.