Bryce J.
Grand Rapids , MI
Joined July 2019
21, love tent camping with my beautiful bride. We both live in Grand Rapids and love an adventure. Dreaming about driving a Subaru Crosstrek loaded with paddle boards, hammocks, a telescope, and s’mores supplies.
Gorgeous, off the grid.

This place is a gem. 50 minutes from Munising, makes the perfect camping spot for a pictures rocks trip.

Beautiful beach with all the privacy in the world. The best part about camping here was the Beach!

Another really nice amenity was the lantern posts next to the picnic table and the grill grate attached to the fire pit. Can’t recommend this place enough.

Some tips: DO NOT take 721 trail off Adams trail. Apple maps told us to take this route. It’s really only meant for atv’s and specialized off road vehicles. It would have saved 3 minutes off our total drive time. The local tow truck told us he comes here 3 times a week while he towed us out. And there’s no signal. It was pretty scary.

No running water in restroom, so pack some Clorox wipes.

Bugs are pretty bad on the non-lake side so try to get a site near the water.

Best Beach Ever

This campground easily has the best beach I have ever been to in Michigan.

It’s vast, has plenty of space and parking. The sand is always pure without straw or trash. There is a playground nearby and a very unique river running out to Lake Michigan. I witnessed a proposal the last time I was camping in the area. Family friendly, and serves great ice cream at its beach store.

Could use a few more volleyball courts but overall it’s fantastic.

Only major concern is the horse flies near the river running into Lake Michigan. The dunes nearby have hordes of flies that bite. Be warned! Haha.

Interesting place!

I actually met my wife here for the first time so this is a very sentimental place.

Located pretty far north, Higgins like offers a very spread out experience. With a handful of beach fronts, woods, hammock space, playground equipment, grills, and open space, there’s something for everyone here.

When we visited there was a warning about water quality for some reason so we never actually went swimming, i think it had something to do with bacteria or bugs. For not being able to swim it was a great experience.

Great beach!

Love walking the pier here. One of my favorite ways to get a large amount of sun in one weekends

Can’t get a much better sunset either. Decent amenities for a beach day.

RV camping seems to be very popular here. Not always the cleanest beach in terms of litter or clear sand.

Surprisingly nice beach area.

Fort Custer is a hidden gem in Michigan. Nobody thinks to go camping near Battle Creek, but they really should reconsider!

Never over-crowded, tons of trails, and very nice paddle board, kayak, and canoe rentals! The lake at the state park is outlined by trails and features a small island to paddle around!

Location, location, location

Small sites that are grouped pretty close to each other, but really you can’t beat the location. 2 minute walk across the overpass to the state park beach, easy walk to downtown and shops. Fantastic place.

Best part is parking so close to your own site. Parking can be hard to come by this close to downtown. Great place for a family and making memories.

Big big groups!

Camped here summer of 2014 and 2015 for a football camping trip. I did not arrange the reservation but assume they can accommodate very large groups. We had easily over 40 in attendance. Not a huge amount of amenities at our site but no major problems arose from this.

The state park nearby has a wonderful beach and a huge dune! We made a competition on how fast we could each climb to the top. It must have been a sight watching 40+ football players run down the dune.

Our open space, rustic campsite was perfect and had the ability to create a fire large enough for the whole team with their large rings!

Very pleasant!

Went in 2017 with a large group of young people (18-22) and loved it. The campground seems to be geared towards families, but we didn’t feel out of place. Sites 65 and T1-5 were perfectly on the edge of the campground and secluded. Great location near downtown Ludington and the state park.

Additionally, Kibby has fantastic showers and restrooms. This is really nice when tent camping. 👌🏽

Bonus: We went in August and saw the greatest night sky I have ever seen for the Perseids meteor shower. Very low light pollution here!

Keep coming back!

Have camped here summer of 2016, 2018, and again now in 2019. Actually camped here for my bachelor party!

It’s fantastic. We book the “applewood” site each time and can’t recommend it enough. This site can hold a large group of people extremely well with a good combination of a pleasant community and seclusion from other sites. Short drive to the beach or downtown Ludington for a day trip. Showers and restrooms are pretty good for a campground.

Bonus: Firewood and general supplies are sold directly at the campground store, and canoe/kayak rentals are very affordable. Staff is very friendly, you really can’t go wrong here.