Brittany N.

The Dyrt Pro

Las Vegas, NV

Joined July 2018

More beautiful desert!

A long ways down a dirt road! Saw a Bunch of Beautiful Joshua trees!

Beautiful area!

Being on the outskirts is just as beautiful! We saw Bighorn Sheep and got to explore Valley of Fire.

Beautiful Isolation

Beautiful spot in the desert with no one around ❤️

very popular spot.

some good hiking and a pretty waterfall but a lot of people camp near the waterfall. I don't think it's an amazing spot but love to visit the waterfall and hike.

one of my favorite roads to drive down in fall

fairly quiet dirt road with camping spots all along it. Has hiking trails.

Small but cute

Small but pretty. Quite a bit of area to hike. Cute spots, not a ton to camp. Lot's of trees. Toilets, trash etc.

Great for off road vehicles

We usually take a camper out there. It's great for off road vehicles and it's pretty open. No shade and can get pretty miserable if it's windy.

First to Review
Can camp right next to the water.

Beautiful sunsets. Can fish, swim, boat etc….No shade f.y.i

Friggin Fabulous

It's beautiful. So many spots to camp, a river to fish, beautiful areas to walk around. Just gorgeous.

Absolutely stunning

One of the prettiest places in the U.S.A and the sand never gets hot! We go a lot.

Beautiful & Wide open

Dirt road access. Camper friendly for "most" of the way. Off-road vehicles allowed. Very pretty spots!


A little rocky but beautiful lake. You can either stay on the north side of the damn where the lake is or stay on the south side where the Rio grande runs. We decided to stay on the river. Decent camp spots. We tried swimming across the Rio Grande. That shot was hard 😂

Too busy

Pretty lake but too busy. Went on a what we thought was a slow weekend and campers/tents were side by side at the shore line all the way around the lake. It's also surrounded by soft sand which a poop ton of people get stuck in if you don't have the right vehicle.