Brittany D.

Nampa, ID

Joined September 2018

Quiet and pretty

$10.00 to stay 2 nights I believe. Restrooms were clean. Fishing at Wade lake was ok, as well as Cliff Lake.

Your normal city-slicker campground

In my opinion, this is not 'camping' but Glamping. But is okay and works for a overnighter pass through. There's a passcode to enter the bathroom which was an issue for me since we stopped here late at night just to spend the night somewhere. The office was closed, so we couldn't get the code.

Nice location in mountains (no services)

The road is in nice condition, you'll need to travel up hill for about a mile. There's pull offs for campsites up to the top of the road. It's very quiet. There are cow patties in places you'll need to look out for. The fireplaces may be slightly destroyed from cows, but you're in the mountains, and you need to expect to do a little work! We found coral mushrooms about 50 feet from our campsite. I liked this place for it's secretsy and quietness. It's not far from the Galatin River for fishing purposes.

Directions: If you are North bound heading there on US highway 191, you'll see an rv park on your left, and then a blue phone sign on your right, and then the road immediately on the right after that RV park/sign is the road you'll need to take (there's no MOOSE CREEK FLAT CAMPGROUND sign to direct you).

Slightly Sketchy

My boyfriend and I stopped here on a pass through overnighter on our way to Montana. The campsite is slightly confusing, as road the takes you into the small campground, but also takes you out, to basically nowhere… so don't follow the road to far. Blink, and you'll pass the 5 campsites that are here. Mosquitoes are bad. Having an outhouse is nice, though there was no toilet paper stocked. There is a boat ramp for early morning fishing if need be. This place was sketchy because there was people driving by all night… not sure what that was about.