Beautiful free campground with drinking water

I stayed here for one night with my dog. Beautiful area, loved the view, could definitely hear the nearby road traffic continuously but didn't bother me. Campsites are open so you can see other campers, but only one other person came by while I was there. There are maybe 10 campsites to choose from, all with fire pits and picnic benches. There are two red water pumps with potable/drinking water, but they are set back from the parking lot so you have to carry your water containers back(in my case, heavy water containers while walking uphill). Still, it was great to refill on water. There were also logs and branches stacked up from a downed tree, and someone had laid a fire at my campsite's fire pit. Note that there are different-sized fire pits based on your campsite. There is also a cluster of four picnic tables towards the back of the campground if you have a bigger group. And there are two or three small trails that connect to the campsite, although I didn't go on them. 

Take the first left after you enter the recreation area to get to the campground, if you continue straight you will get to the boat launch and the daytime picnic area that has signs saying"day use only."