Brian C.


Las Vegas, NV

Joined July 2020

Deceptive Digital Nomads, Beware.

Learning that was a city run campground things made more sense.

Being a family of 3 kids, 3 dogs, 3 adults and a cat that run our business from the road there’s things that are important to us as digital nomads. You can follow us at

Things that we loved:

  1. Very safe & secure.
  2. The staff was incredible.
  3. Ideal for children with all the fun things to do.

Not so much:

  1. Internet was great but it had bandwidth restraints that would turn your internet off after very small amounts of data used. There was no option to upgrade so you had to use your own hotspots. Very disappointing and will be one of the reasons we do t go back.

  2. The beach was right there, close and beautiful right on Lake Elsinore. Yet the beach was disgusting, stinky and covered with algae. There wasn’t clear information on the lake. We chose this Campground because of the beach and location.

  3. The sites were all uneven. Every camper we saw had to do major leveling efforts.

This place has HUGE potential but there’s a LOT to fix.

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Our 2nd Campground ever

This was a good place for rookies to camp.

Staff was great, fun and very helpful.

Site was level, water was good and the park was CLEAN!  Good place to stay for a long time or just for a night.

No Streaming, but you can get work done

We went here to escape the Las Vegas heat, 10 degrees makes a huge difference.

We're business owners that have 3 kids (5,3,3), three dogs, a grandma, and a cat.  We run our business from the road and having wifi connectivity is import for us digital nomads.  We're road schooling our children and running our company.  Feel free to join us on the journey Empowering Humans Adventures.

Things we loved:

  • The Internet was sufficient to work, but not great.  No streaming but they did have cable.
  • Extremely clean
  • Staff was 5 Star, helpful, kind and accommodating.
  • The pool was fun and clean.
  • Very quiet and everyone was very friendly.
  • Dog area was well kept

Not so much:

  • No mention of algae on the website, so no river fishing or letting the kids play in the water.  Disappointing.
  • Playground was closed
  • Many things to do nearby in Zion.
Come Here Digital Nomads

My wife and I are digital nomads, we run our company where ever we go so it's CRUCIAL that we have comfort items, but most importantly that we have solid internet. 

We travel with 3 kids (ages 5, 3 & 3), 3 dogs, a cat, and a grandma in our 31' Travel Lite, Evoke Model B with the hopes of a road school education for them.

We booked a deluxe premium site (site 16) and were very pleased with the room, the patio, the fire pit, grill, and nice table.  The parking was gravel and not flat, we had to level up.  Had access to 50 and 30 amp, sewer, and water.  Make sure you use a pressure monitor as the pressure was strong.  They offered firewood for sale and our fire pit was very nice.

We were close to the clubhouse which had coffee daily for a charge. ($1.30)  The store had the basics and all but one of the staff was extremely kind to us. If you need more you could walk to Sinclair and get more items.

They were very specific about dogs being leashed all the time, which we fully agree with.  As a former Marine K9 handler, it's normally not the dog that is the problem, it's the handler.  The dog area is very close to site 16.

The basic internet was blah, we upgraded to the faster speeds for $5.23 a day and it was well worth it.  We were able to stream tv for the kids, work on the laptops and do live video conferencing.  Support was very quick to respond when I asked for speed but they weren't able to give me more, but again it was good enough to get work done, stream and do video conferencing.  

Cell coverage was ZERO for Sprint, and have to drive a ½ mile before getting coverage.

Overall the campground was pretty quiet, we are pretty close to the highway so you did have some large/loud trucks that drove by.

There are showers (very small) but the water pressure was great and the water was hot.  Bathrooms are always clean and the laundry was just fine.

We shot a few videos to share our experience and will stay here again.  

Mossy Cave was very close and we highly suggest the short hike back to the waterfall.  A little further is the petrefried forest which was also nice.

You can zip over to Bryce Canyon National park ($38 entry fee) for the day.  It's well worth it and there's a ice cream shop just before you go into the park that I recommend.

Things we loved:

  • The deluxe Premium site is great if you have small kids.

  • Internet was solid and gave us what we needed

  • This campground was extremely clean

No so much:

  • No cell service

  • Feels very old

  • Road noise

Hope this review helps, we hope to see you on the road!

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The Zoo

*No one has been their best during the shutdown of 2020*

We chose this location because it was right downtown and close to the zoo.  Having a full group of 3 kids (5 & under) 3 dogs, 3 adults, and a cat we need some things that others don't "need."  We also run our company from the road so we need space, a place to play, and great WIFI.  These are the basis of our reviews.

This KOA was run down, dirty and nothing was open due to the shutdown.  The wifi wasn't very good.  We won't stay here again because it doesn't meet our needs.  It is a great place to stop for a night, get up, and go.  Other than that….nah!

Things we loved:

  • The staff was incredible, fun and friendly.
  • 20 minutes from the zoo.
  • Dog wash and park
  • Mexican restaurant 

Not so much:

  • Dirty, unkept 
  • Wifi was horrible
  • No public bathrooms (pandemic)
  • EXTREMELY HIGH water pressure
Get Your Vitamin C & D

First time staying here, it will be our place to stay in California.

Being traveling nomads with 3 kids (five & under), 3 dogs (five & over) that run our company from the road there are some necessities we must have.  A place for the kids to play, water, and space.  Orangeland has all of these!  Not only that you can pick all the oranges you want!

This place will get even better as COVID19 restrictions lift.

It's close to Disney and the ocean.

Things we loved:  

  • Wifi
  • Staff
  • Quietness

Not so much:

  • pandemic restrictions
  • Only two dogs allowed, we had to leave one with a friend.

Will be staying here again in September and will add another review!  I asked if we could bring our third dog and were told no, didn't even get to explain about the size, the breed so if you have 3 furry friends or more you can't stay here.  That is why I gave them a 4 star.

Wake and Head North

Coming from Las Vegas to go to Montana to visit family, Salt Lake City is a great middle stop.  We (3 kids, 3 adults, 3 dogs, and a cat) found Pony Express and were extremely pleased.  The GPS carjacked us and the resort was a bit difficult to find but once we did it was excellent.

Things we loved:

  • Very clean and well kept
  • Flat, level parking spots - many pull-throughs
  • Very quiet

Not so much:

  • The sites were very tight

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A home for digital nomads...

Super cool getting to stay at the very first KOA in America!

Very easy to get to, right off of I90.  We travel and run our business from the road and it's crucial for us to have wifi, good wifi because we have small windows to get things done since we have 3 kids under 5, 3 dogs over 5, a cat and a grandma rollin with us.

We really enjoyed Billings, KOA.  It was clean, staff was super, easy in and out.  The Wifi was TOP NOTCH and fast.  We were streaming for the kids and burning away at the laptops.

Things we loved:

  • Wifi
  • location
  • sites
  • river access

Not so much:

  • Microburst
  • Kids playground needed some loving
  • Sites were pretty tight

We will stay here again.  We experienced a microburst when we were here that knocked down several trees, the power and was pretty scary.  We pondered moving on but they cleaned up the park, had the power back on and wifi with in 24 hours.  INCREDIBLE!

Not for Digital Nomads

If you want complete solitude from the internet and TV this is the place for you to reconnect with nature. (see video)

Being new RV'ers we didn't do our due diligence before booking, we went by pictures and the park did their part.  They said poor internet and poor cell service we just didn't believe them.  There was internet at the office but it was 56k speed.  

Having to run our company from the road, traveling with three kids under 5, 3 dogs and a cat, all over 5 we need to be able to work. 

Here's what we loved:

  • Beautiful and clean
  • Quiet and close to the river
  • Incredible dog area
  • Level parking
  • Staff was incredible

We weren't fond of:

  • No cell service (AT&T & Sprint)
  • Poor WiFi

We gave this a 4-star review because it's exactly what it said it was and the staff was very kind.

If you are a digital nomad and stay here then go to Salmon (30-minute drive), turn left, and a few blocks down on your left is the public library.  It's the best wife you'll find and you can access it from the street.

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Don't stay here if

You like kind, happy campers.  If America modeled this campground we could create world peace.  

Here's what we loved:

  • No confusion on where to park and check-in.
  • Guided us to our spot, helped up park, and showed us how everything worked.
  • Clean, grassy area for our kids to play.
  • Adult only time in the hot tub.
  • WiFi
  • Staff was incredible.

Here's what we didn't like:

  • WiFi speeds were capped and logged you out
  • Didn't know about the sprinklers watering, but no big deal.

We are traveling nomads and we appreciate quiet, great WiFi and kind people.  We found all of that here and even made some new friends.

We will go back every year now.