Brayden S.
Salt Lake City, UT
Joined August 2019
Great site, poor experience with people

There are numerous campsites spread around the lake and many are right on the water which is awesome. From the reviews here and a few other sites I expected this area to be much less crowded due to the tough access road to get to the lake. Luckily, the sites are decently spread out so it is somewhat secluded. 

However, we had a group camp right on top of us at 2:30AM. They parked and setup a tents 20 feet away from out firepit. They had no intentions of leaving and were quite rude. Dog was off leash when we woke up and was barking at us while they did nothing about it and continued to sleep. Swearing at their children and disrespecting the land. Luckily another site opened up later in the morning so we packed up and moved. 

Again, this area is beautiful with nice campsites, just don't expect it to be as secluded as the other reviews state.