good option

site: first come, first served. wooded. only tents/small camper vans allowed. Semi-private. large. amenities: no water. attractions: 30 minutes to Yosemite Valley. I would go camping here (just drove through checking out the campground).

First to Review
out of the way

site: wooded. semi-private. large. quiet campground. cooler temps than in Yosemite Valley. amenities: clean. no showers at campground. attractions: near to a market. Hiking trails. 40 minutes from Yosemite Valley. Wildlife. I would go camping here again- nice quiet place.

near grove

site: wooded area. not very private. most sites have an incline. amenities: not very clean facilities. attractions: 40 minutes from Yosemite Valley. Near Tuolumne Sequoia Grove. I might camp here (just drove through checking out the campground).

the view

site: SO close to North Rim. not very private sites. nice tent pads. amenities: decent facilites. attractions: VERY near North Rim. hiking along rim to main lodge. easy drive to main lodge. (recommended by family) I would go camping here again.

less central

site: good sized. Semi-private. first come, first serve- check out sites before picking on. some shaded sites. amenities: small campground. bathrooms at campground. clean. showers in Village- 20 minute drive. attractions: about 10-15 minute hike to rim of canyon. I would go camping here (just drove through checking out the campground).


site: some sites larger than others. geared towards RVs. amenities: less than great facilities. attractions: near North Rim I would go to the North Rim to camp.

RV centered

site: seemed geared towards RVs.
amenities: not very clean. attractions: bus to Grand Canyon available. I would probably not go camping here (just drove through checking out the campground).

3 1/2 star

site: not private. noisy. average. not very well kept. amenities: semi-clean. busy. attractions: near Zion. I might camp here again.


site: on hill/scenic. large. good space. semi-private. covered table. amenities: very clean. attractions: near Zion. off road vehicle activities. water activities. I would go here again.

First to Review

site: shaded. large. wooded. close to neighbors. amenities: laundry. clean. attractions: biking. beach. hiking. historic sites. I would go here again.


site: average size. space between. private. amenities: clean. attractions: drive to beach. water activities. hiking. dunes. I would go camping here again.


site: semi-private. quiet. some sites on the water. sandy. amenities: clean. attractions: beach. swimming. marsh/boating. hiking. biking. I would go camping here again.


site: large. lots of bugs. some shaded sites. space between. amenities: clean. busy. attractions: beach. wildlife. hiking. I would visit here again.


site: medium sized. not very private. hear waves at night. amenities: well maintained. clean. attractions: beach. I would go camping here again.


site: yurt. well maintained. clean amenities: nice. clean attractions: 40 minutes from Yellowstone. fishing. horseback riding. wildlife. Enjoyed the park and yurt- would return.

First to Review

site: semi-private. some shaded. not busy during the week. amenities: clean. attractions: not sure- just passing through. I would camp here again.


site: decent sized sites. private. platform campsites unique. wooded. amenities: clean. attractions: swimming. hiking. Nice to get away from the crowds.


site: decent sized sites. not very private. wooded. amenities: large campground. very busy. showers near. laundry facilities. near bus stop. attractions: near the ‘action.’ wildlife milling around the campground. I might camp here again, but preferred less busy.


site: large. private. shaded. amenities: clean. well maintained. attractions: hiking. biking. close to Kansas City (40 minutes) I would go camping here again.

First to Review

site: great views. private. large. wooded. amenities: clean. busy. attractions: hiking. I would go camping here again.