Barbie B.

Saint Louis, MO

Joined March 2019


This campground is ok. Not the nicest for the price you pay. What it has going for it is it's location. There are float trips available. It has a fishing lake and is right on the Big River. 

I've hear some reviews about how low the water can be but that was not our experience. I've also heard how dirty the river is but it didn't strike me as all that dirty. It's a river. We paddle boarded and swam in the river. We did not take a float trip.

We had an electric site. The electrical connection was a bit iffy. Again not the nicest for the price. The sites tended to pool water but it was raining when we arrived.

We had a good time camping with friends and playing in the water but the campground itself wasn't much of contributing factor, just it's location.

This is a great park!

Only about a hour northwest of St. Louis. This is a great park to go to without driving for hours. There is plenty of nature to enjoy! There is a lake for swimming. There is also several nice hikes.

Beautiful Park

This is a small park and hard to get a reservation because of how nice it is. There was a creek that ran not far from the campground. My kids played in the creek all day. We caught cray fish/crawdads and cooked them up for dinner. My kids still talk about going back there as teenagers and they were little kids when we went.

In St. Louis County but with a country feel!

This park is really nice and has been redone with in the last 10 years maybe less. If you want to camp and enjoy nature without driving forever this is a good park. 

This park is perfect for hiking and bring the bikes along for the kids and even yourselves. My kids loved going here when they were young because it was just simple, uncomplicated camping and they weren't trapped in the car for hours to get here.

Nice park!

This is a very nice park. The spaces are a bit close together and not many trees but I've been to worse. The not many trees is do to it still being a fairly new campground. The lake is nice and they have some spots close to it. The only real complaint was that it was a bit of a wind tunnel. I don't know if that is because of were it sits between the river/lake and a levee for the river or because it was spring time and windy anyway.

There is a lot to do here. They have an archery range. The rent out peddle boats, bikes and peddle cars/buggies as well. We rented a peddle buggy. Those are a lot harder to get moving then they look. Awesome workout for the whole family!

Nice park with a lot to do in the park and the surrounding area.

The campsites are very nice. I don't mind the concrete pads they have for camping and parking. We have a camper but used cots when we tent camped so concrete was not a problem for us.

The kids loved the shut ins. We didn't even make it all the way to the back as it was a very long walk. We also visited some of the historical sites in the area.

I remember the park being a lot nicer.

We stayed here in April 2019. The roads going through the campground were in terrible shape. They had potholes and were like gravel instead of blacktop in a lot of places. It was very hard to walk to the bathrooms trying to dodge the puddles.

We a spot in the basic or tent area. The driveway for our site was nicer than the roads. The grass was very high. It had rained a lot but seemed to me they could have cut the grass on Friday morning as it was a bright sunny Friday. They were there cutting the grass on Sunday by 9am.

The basic sites seemed spread out fairly well. Driving through the electric and premium sites seemed a lot closer together and if course there were more people camping in that area.

We have stayed in this park many years ago when our kids were small (now they are late teens and early twenties). I remember the park being a lot nicer back then. If I had paid more money for the electric/premium site I would not have been at all happy!