Sweet place

This place was awesome. Heard about it from a friend who goes to school at SLO. We arrived around 4pm on a Saturday and all spots were open except for one. The road is a bit rocky and steep but we were fine in an old ass 2WD 4runner. We settled on a nice spot nestled in the trees. There was a pre made fire pit which we may or may not have used. The road is a hiking trail as well so we went on a little walk to watch the sunset. Only bad thing was the flies. These bitches were on the offense. Bring bug spray and citronella candles or be smart and don’t go in mid july like we did. It’s close to downtown slo which is very charming with great food. On our way out we ate at seeds for some delicious smoothies and paninis. Overall very great place and have recommended it to friends.

Willy is Wiiiild

This is some great dispersed camping. There are soooo many spots to choose from. Very spread out all with a nice mountain range to look at. We had a difficult time finding hot springs. There are no signs or anything so you either have to do some research or go on an expedition. The main one was packed to the brim with people. There were so many little children it looked like an outdoor daycare. We opted out of that one and stumbled across a man-made hot spring. Those were the only two we found. This would be a nice area to go for a day trip as well. If you’re thinking about coming here for the fourth of july; don’t. Shit looked like EDC.

Otherworldly (mars)

Where do I start? If you’re someone who prefers dispersed camping such as myself, this is a great place. I cannot begin to express how beautiful it is. We arrived later in the day around 6-7 to avoid the heat. Lots of spots were taken by then. That was also due to it being fourth of July weekend, so I’m not sure how busy it usually is. Most of the spots are wedged right next to giant boulder formations, creating some nice shade during the day time. The roads were easy to drive on, we were perfectly fine in a 2WD old ass 4runner. There were a plethora of RVs, trailers, and low clearance cars as well. If you’re a climber this would be a great spot. We watched some climbers scale the massive boulder next to us which was fun to watch but made me nervous. Overall great experience and hopefully we’ll be back.

Comfortable & Convenient

We’re in the orange county area and wanted to spend a quick night in nature with friends under the stars. As someone who prefers dispersed camping, it did feel like a bit of a ‘luxe’ experience. There are on site bathrooms, dumpsters, and water spouts. Each individual campsite has a pre built fire pit, table, and designated area for tent. The site is first come first serve. We came on a Thursday and had no problem finding a nice, secluded spot — as we suspected we might be talking late into the night and did not want to disturb the peace. I’ve seen a lot of reviews mentioning the flies. While annoying, we found the best ways to combat them were bug spray and citronella candles. They do go away once the sun sets. Overall we had a great experience and I can’t get over how the area is so close, yet feels and looks so far.