Loud and crowded

My boyfriend and I went to this campground last weekend for the first time. Here are the Pros& Cons: 


Beautiful lake& surrounding area Water is crystal clear and wonderful to swim in, not too cold 

Great lake to swim, paddle board, kayak, fish 

Dog friendly- well behaved dogs are allowed off leash 

Area is clean 

Campsites are large and close to the water 

Great hiking 


THE PEOPLE. Yeah, people ruin everything. The campground was full so of course you are surrounded by people which means lots of noise. Kids screaming, all day and into the evening. The campsite next to us played their horrible rap music loud up until 10pm, It really ruined our night star gazing by the fire, especially since I HATE rap music. There is no way to just relax and enjoy nature and solitude, this place is SO NOISY. And of course there were some irresponsible dog owners with aggressive dogs that they let off leash that attacked other dogs. So bottom line: I will never go back even though its a beautiful place, its just not worth being surrounded by idiots.