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Urbana, OH

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Best campground we’ve been to all year

This summer my family has went to many campgrounds and by far Delaware has been our favorite. The site we were on was set back in the woods. My daughter had tons of fun exploring the woods connected to our site. We did not swim due to it being in the 60s and rainy during most of our stay but we did go look at the beach it was very clean and appears well cared for. The bathroom on our loop was older def in need of some updating but it wasn’t a big deal.

Nice park

The campground and beach were very nice. The facilities are clean and updated. They have a pool on site as well but do to covid it was closed now. There are many playground areas throughout the campground for kids to play at. Some sites are directly on the lake you can pull your jet skis or boats and dock them at your site. There is a boat ramp near the camping beach with a nice large parking lot. The only real negative for me was it was very busy and congested. The campground is such a popular place especially at holidays that it was extremely busy and congested. Some sites were just feet apart from each other.

Looks can be deceiving

When we first arrived to the campground we originally were a little nervous but learned looks can be deceiving. The campground is mainly seasonal campers and all seemed very welcoming and nice. We camped Labor Day weekend so I don’t know if it’s all the time or not but while we were there they did a hog roast corn hole tournaments and some kind of 50/50 raffle every day. Many people stopped and made sure to invite us to the common area where the festivities were going on. The site we were at had a very large spacious area. It was a grassy patch no actual pad to park but as we drove around there were plenty of areas that had gravel pads available. Ed the manager is great he drives around the grounds to check on everyone and tries to make sure everyone is doing well. The campground is older it does need updating. The shower houses are older concrete buildings however the worst part for me were the bathrooms. The bathrooms come in two varieties. One is a outhouse type room it’s a concrete “toilet” with a toilet seat on it that drops into a hole in the ground and the other is a porta potty. The one close to my site was a porta potty. I’ve seen newer one at festivals that allow you to flush but these are the old ones that just dump into a tank so obv there’s a pretty strong odor. If you don’t mind the porta potty then this is a nice little campsite about 10min from Indian lake beach.

Nice campground

We stayed the weekend at alum creek state campground at site K2. I would have loved one of the other sites that were lake front but this campground seems to stay pretty full all the time. Everytime ive went to book it’s only had a couple spots available. The spot we had however was nice it was set back in the tree line so even though we had campers on each side of us we never seen them while at our site. The site was nice size with plenty room for us. There were lots of areas to get water from however only one we found actually worked which was very frustrating. The bathrooms are in need of updating but not dirty. Their is a camper beach that is decent but a lot of debris washes up from the boats there because it’s it’s kind of in a inlet. We went to the main beach which was very nice and the water. Their are lots of food trucks that set up in the parking lot of the beach on the weekends at least. We had a good time the worst part of our stay is their are lots of horseflies at the campground area my husband got bit three times 😬

Nice place

Meadow lake is now known as Rittenhouse resort. The people who bought meadow lake has changed the campground and main house a lot but still a nice place to go to. The campground is congested but nice.

Been here many times

This is the closest campground to the city I grew up in so I have been here many times through out the years. The sites are decent they have lots of space but most are on a slope you have to move your tents/tables/ect around a lot to find a flat area. Some of the pads are cracking and breaking from normal wear but I can tell that they have done lots of updates as well. The shower houses are clean and roomy. During non covid years they have a area with a big drive in movie type screen where they will play a movie on for kids. There is a swimming beach by the campground that is suppose to be for campers only but while we were there other people came and trashed the area. They were parting and left their trash and beer bottles all over the beach area (not campground fault). There are plenty of hiking trails in and around the campground as well. The biggest problem we had was the sneaky little raccoons breaking into our friends pop up . They forgot to lock the door when they went to sleep and woke up to Raccoons stealing stuff out of their camper 🤣🤣🤣.

Would go back

Due to covid our family decided to go to Lake Erie instead of the ocean this year. this was our first trip up. While looking for places to stay we came across cedarlane and were so glad we did. We got there on a Saturday and it was very busy but Sunday morning most of the campers started to head out. We stayed till weds and the rest of the time was very nice. The pools and bathrooms were clean. The water pressure in the shower house was lacking but I’ve realized that seems to be at every campground we’ve stayed at. They have water and electric hookups. My daughter had fun doing the gem mining and playing in the pool and splash pad. They have a small convenience store on site that’s reasonably priced. They have an adults only pool as well for those looking for a break from all the kids. The sites are not huge and a little close together but very nice and well maintained. We visited east harbor state park while there and the beach was weird, there’s a rock wall bordering the lake so you have to either climb down the low wall or walk to the designated opening in the wall (lots of people just climbed over) but once in the water it felt like walking on play doh and the water was pretty shallow definitely a great area for kids especially smaller kids. The marblehead lighthouse is also beautiful for photos. My daughter has been asking to go back since we left.

Nice place

We camped here for the first time during Fourth of July weekend and it was very busy. The park was very clean and nice our site was very big and we had plenty of space from the neighboring site. The pad at our site was starting to crack and break apart which did cause us to have to move our pop up a little so we were level. The bathrooms were very clean and updated. We saw the host go in there every morning and make sure it was clean. They have a washer and dryer in one of the building connected to one of the bathrooms if you need it. A lot of the sites seem to be in direct sun though. We drove around before leaving and it seems majority are direct sun not a lot of shade anywhere. They have a small playground for kids that was closed due to corona but looked nice from what I could see. There is a swimming beach close to the camping area but it is not very big and that is also where a lot of kayakers drop in and get out. The camping beach unfortunately had a lot of trash from people leaving their trash and a lot of debri washes up on that beach from the boats. We did not go to the other side to the actual beach so I don’t know what it looked like. The park has a ton of hiking trails and on the other side of the lake is a area you can search for fossils. My daughter had a great time would go back again for sure…

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Descent campground

We stayed here in June for a weekend. The campground is pretty congested the roads are small and the sites are very close together but the grounds are clean and you have water and electric hookup throughout. The back of the campground area has lots of shaded areas but the front is directly in the sun it’s basically a open field with hookups. Rittenhouse has a pond for fishing in the back of the park and there is a big swimming pond that cost extra to use in the front. If your camping prices for adults are included for the pond but you have to pay for each child who swims everyday. The bathrooms were clean and well taken care of. They have a playground but it is very dated I would not recommend it. Overall we had a nice weekend there. There is a state park about ten minutes away we went hiking and fishing at. The only real negative we had was we were right next to a group of people who took up four sites and were very loud all night long and kind of rude the whole time. The owners/ workers were very nice and drive around the grounds a lot checking in with people. If your looking for a big fancy campground this is not it but for a little weekend getaway for my family it was nice. FYI if you do decide to go and use the swimming pond be very cautious. The bottom of the pond is very muddy and kind of sucks you down. We repeatedly got stuck so be careful especially if you have kids. Our friend daughter whose 15 got her foot stuck in water that was neck deep. It took two of us to help get her pulled out of the mud once she got stuck.