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I am an MD/PhD student living in the south who loves camping and my goal is to explore as much of the Alabama wilderness as I can while training here.

Great site close to the racetrack

This is by far one of the nicest sites so close to the track. Definitely worth making this a priority for race day if they have availability.

Closest to the falls

This is a great site if you want to camp as close to the Walls of Jericho and the falls as you can get. It is about halfway up the trail between the cemetery and the falls. It has plenty of space for multiple tents and is right along the river so it has easy access to water. The major downside to this site in my opinion is that it can easily flood in heavy rain. So be prepared to set up on the highest part if there is any concern of that.

Well managed site for visiting the speedway

This site is set up specifically for people coming to watch the races at the Talladega speedway. It has very easy access to the racetrack and lots of space for RVs and tents. They charge you based on the type of camping you are doing. When not in heavy use it mostly looks like a large field but it can get pretty lively around race day. This is deffinitly one of the closest options to the track but otherwise has fewer amenities than some of the other options in the area.

Great for groups

This is one of the larger campsites available at Walls of Jericho and definitely the easiest to find. I have stayed here a couple of times and always enjoyed it. The one downside to this site is that it can get somewhat flooded after heavy rains. It can also get fairly crowded since there are multiple firepits and tent clearings not far apart from each other. This is definitely the best site if you have a large group or want to be able to set up multiple tents. It is also at an easy access point to the falls as well as the other trails in the area. The site has easy access to water most of the year and can provide space for over 10 tents. If it seems crowded and you want more privacy though you can turn left off the trail and walk a short ways to the horse camp which is more secluded and removed from the trail. My last suggestion is that if you are here on a clear night head out to the field abutting the site and enjoy some stargazing!

Close to Little River Canyon

Although this campground has a nice location it is not my preference due to its main focus on RV camping. If you are an RV camper they do have nice facilities and classic RV sites with hookups and such. The sites are also spaced far enough apart that you won’t be right on top of your neighbor. The campground has bathrooms and a small playground so it would be a good place to bring your family. Finally, they are definitely one of the closest camping options to Little River Canyon which is a big plus. If you do camp here make sure to head down the road to the Canyon Center and talk to the rangers who will help give you great info on where to hike and explore!

Great boat access

This is a classic RV campground that is along the Coosa River and provides easy access for launching a boat. Although they don't allow tent camping they have nice amenities for those traveling in an RV or other campervan. Overall, the rates are very reasonable and the location is great. There is not a lot of privacy but it is an ok trade for having such easy access to I20.

Really nice RV Campground

This is a really great option super close to the racetrack. The facilities are really nice and the staff takes great care of the space. They even have a dog run to let your pets run around. I don't know if it would be my first choice if I were tent camping but with an RV it is a wonderful place to stay.

Easy access

This is the picnic area at the trailhead for the Wayah Bald hike that can also be used as a campsite. It is convenient since it is along the AT but if you have a little more energy in you I suggest continuing on a little further because there are some other great options with better views. However, this would be a great spot to get a resupply dropoff if someone is willing to drive up and meet you.

Cute Campground Near Franklin

This is a really large and very nice campground near Franklin, NC that caters to both RV and tent campers. They have a ton of sites and several bathroom facilities. Most of the sites have a gravel area for parking and grassy space for a tent. They each have a picnic table and fire pit as well. This campground is really well cared for and the staff's effort really shows. Along with the nice bathroom facilities, there are several pavilion areas and fields for general use. The campground is located not far from Franklin and provides easy access to all the incredible hiking in the area. If swimming and fishing are more your things you can also access the Little Tennessee River with only a short drive and there are many rental companies that will provide boats or tubes for you to float down. Overall, this is a wonderful campground that is highly worth checking out!

Lakeside Campground

This is a great little RV and tent campground located near High Falls. The campground itself is alongside Lake Glenville and provides easy access for putting in boats, fishing, or swimming. It is also not far from the wonderful beach on the lake where everyone goes to picnic. The campground itself has a dozen or so sites and a nice clean bathroom facility in the center. The sites are all fairly close together but take a look at my video to get an idea of where each one is located. If you stay here I would also highly recommend making the trek to High Falls because it really is an incredible waterfall.

Nice RV Campground

This is a very nice and well-maintained RV park off of the main highway. It is a great option if you are looking for somewhere to base your adventure from but I wouldn't recommend it if you are like me and looking for a more tent camping focused site. Overall, it is in a great area and could be a great place to set as a home base.

Wonderful tent camping

This is a great little campground super close to Little River Canyon! Although there is nowhere to camp inside of the park this is my preference for the closest you can get. Although there are other sites nearby they are more geared towards RVs whereas this location is for those who want to tent camp. On top of the campground, they also have access to the river for swimming and kayak launching. They also rent out pedal and motor bikes for exploring the parkway along the canyon. Overall, I would highly recommend checking out this campsite if you are making a visit to Little River Canyon.

Great location

This is a really great car camping campground along the Ocoee River. The space is divided up into a campground and a day-use area. The campground has bathrooms that are kept clean and a pay station to deposit your fee. From the campground, you can actually walk to the river and can also access several other hiking trails. Each site has space for several tents along with a picnic bench and fire ring. They also have a mountain bike cleaning station since there are several trails accessible from the campground. Overall, this is a great option if you are looking for easy car camping along the Ocoee.

Keep going

This was the smallest and worst site in my opinion along this trail. I would continue on to the next site. However, if you are concerned about crowds this spot will most likely be available. Check out my video below to get a better idea of the space.

Small site

This is a much smaller site along the trail with enough space for a single tent or a couple of hammocks. My suggestion would be to keep heading further up the trail if the first 2 sites are occupied. This one does have a nice firepit and easy access to water but so do all the other sites along the trail.

Across the creek

This is another large campsite that sits further up the creek and is pretty easy to find from the main trail. It is more open than site A but also a good option. The photos and videos below will give you a good feel for the space. This is also a good option for anyone who has trouble sleeping with loud water sounds since this site is much quieter than some of the others.

Closest to parking

This campsite is a backcountry site located along the Goforth Creek trail and is the closest to the parking area. It is also the largest of the sites with room for several tents. The site has really easy access to water for purifying or swimming. There is also a very large established fire pit. The hike up the creek is really beautiful and a much less traveled trail than others in the area. I highly suggest going all the way to the end and taking a little dip. The water feels wonderful on a hot summer day.

Adventure campground

This is a beautiful campground right outside of Franklin that also offers many other activities and rentals. The land where the camping is located is planted full of flowers and has such a magical feel. The campground is also located right on the Little Tennessee River and provides incredibly easy access. On top of all of this, the staff are wonderful and very friendly. You can check out more info on their website and I believe you have to call for rates and reservations. Overall, this is an exceptionally well-maintained campground with really nice facilities and lots of options for other activities.

Tent and RV Camping

This is a beautiful secluded site just off of Highway 64/74 not too far from the Tennessee border. The campground is very well kept and has wonderful amenities for both RV and tent campers. I was very impressed with the gorgeous grassy areas along the creek providing a private space for tent camping. They also have large shaded spots for RVs in other areas. Each site has a picnic bench and plenty of room to spread out. If you are like me and prefer tent camping I would recommend staying at one of the sites near the entrance as they have an almost magical feel to them. I also like that this campground provides great access to both hiking in Nantahala National Forest as well as rafting and kayaking on one of the many rivers in the area.

Easy Access

This is a very cute RV campground hidden away right off Main Street in downtown Franklin. I was very impressed at how private and secluded the space felt even being so close to the shops. The campground feels very welcoming and is kept in beautiful shape. They provide all the amenities you would want for a nice RV site and even have some grassy areas if you want to set up a tent. If you do stay here make sure to walk around downtown and get a milkshake at the Rathskeller. I also highly recommend trying the beers at Lazy Hiker as they are my favorite brewery in the area!