Nice Site Close to Miami

This is the site that I go to with a couple friends because its close to Miami. Very easy to drive over here for a weekend and camp out with your buddies. However you do need to make sure you make a reservation and you have a ORV license to enter the area. Since I have a Jeep its a fun ride to get to the camp grounds. However a normal SUV can do the trick to get you there.

Great Place to visit

As a beginner camper the time I have spent on these campgrounds has been a lot of fun. Got to go there with a group of 8 guys and were able to have enough space to be by ourselves and plenty room for activities like frisbee, football, and soccer. Canoeing to your camp site is the way to go. We did the 8-mile trek which wasn't too bad for a group of 30 year old guys that are out of shape. However the campgrounds do get pricey. Either way its a great time for a group.