April L.
Jacksonville, FL
Joined July 2018
Amazing Surf and Great Trails

This place has everything you want for adventure. There are challenging trails, gorgeous beaches, and a great surf. We have had friends get married here and other friends move in with their RVs. If you go bike riding or trail walking, make sure to pay attention to the signs for the direction you should head on that particular day… and beware trail z.


This is an amazing place to take your family, especially if you have 4 wheel drive. Spend the extra money for the season pass. It is 100% worth it. It’s like having your own private piece of the island for awhile. As long as you have a pole in the water and someone to watch it you can stay on the beach as long as you want, just pay close attention to the tides.


There is no place like Suwannee! Whether you go during the insanely spectacular music festivals (such as Hula or Wanee) or you just go during the off times to camp, this place is pure magic. The old oaks and Spanish moss make the place appear to have a mystical aspect to it. The tree houses are totally worth renting if you can and the primitive camping is convenient to all of the amenities. There is floating on the river, music performances all the time, and some of the best trails for a nice stroll. I LOvE Suwannee!

Beautiful on the water

Dutton Island Preserve is gorgeous and it’s own little island in Atlantic Beach FL. You can hike around the trails all day, but the best way to experience the island is to camp over night. Watching the sunset over the inter coastal and enjoying the night trails is amazing. My only warnings would be to definitely bring insect repellant no matter the time of year and also to keep all valuables in your car. There are thriving raccoons that will snag anything shiny left out after everyone goes to bed.

A huge float party

Ginnie Springs is an absolute blast! The float is gorgeous and the springs are clear and the perfect temperature all year round. My only advice would be do not bring small children to Ginnie. It is more like a huge party with plenty of drunken antics all day and all night. Their are family friendly campgrounds on the springs nearby, but Ginnie is more adult.

Amazing location but watch out for those mosquitos

There were so many great things about this campground. It was beautiful and had so many different amenities including a little man made beach in the center of the campground. Our only issues were it was pretty pricey for tent camping (65 a night) and the mosquitos were INSANE! Also, a few of the showers were down, so it was difficult to get in there and everything cost extra. It was a quarter run shower. The location was perfect if you wanted to visit Cape May or go into Wildwood only 15 minutes away. I’d say it is perfect for RV’s, campers, or if you are renting a cabin for your family, but as a tent camp location it was a little extravagant for what we were looking for with our trip.