Anthony E.


Portland, OR

Joined October 2018

Basic, small, but gets the job done

I stayed here on a lollipop backpacking loop I did in the Smokies. While I was there, it was raining fairly heavily for my entire trip, which obviously hampered my camping experience a little.

This campsite is slightly remote for the Smokies, and I had to do a bit of bushwhacking to get myself back there at the end of the trail. I was the only person there—did not see a single person on any of the trails around there for two days. So, if you're looking for seclusion in the most visited national park in the country, this is where you'll want to go.

All-in-all, the rain was a damper, but it's a nice stop overnight for a backpacker. Just don't plan on spending multiple days there.

Beautiful camping spot in one of the most beautiful spots in the country

This is one of my favorite spots in the Grand Teton area. It's one of the few that actually has a great view. Most spots in the Tetons aren't as accessible to the perfect views of the mountains themselves. Easy access. Great spot!

Incredibly awesome place to front-country camp in Yellowstone

Really wonderful spot close to my favorite place in Yellowstone—the boiling river. Great place to catch the north side of the park. Wake up early and go see the wolves play in the Lamar Valley. Stay late in the boiling river.

Bonus when you have a buffalo outside your tent when you wake up in the AM!

Beautiful spot with beautiful views

Wonderful spot located in the heart of the Tetons. The nearby creek is beautiful, and it's truly a nice area to just get away from it all. Will definitely return!

Awesome in the winter

Stayed here in the winter and had a lovely time. The park was pretty empty, and this gave me a chance to explore so many great areas, including The Narrows, with limited interruption. Highly recommend Zion in the winter!

Secluded... and close to Polebridge!

I love Bowman Lake. I've camped here more than anywhere else in Glacier. I've seen bears, the northern lights, and done many wonderful hikes in the area.

The best thing about the campground, though? It's near my favorite place in the US—Polebridge. Seriously, if you go to Glacier but don't make the trek up to Polebridge, you'll never understand what you're missing!

One of my favorite places in the world

Gunsight Lake is simply beautiful.

It's a decent trek out to the lake, beginning with a quick descent, but it mellows out in the valley as you hike back in. Hike tip: don't skip the turnoffs for the various waterfalls. They're beautiful and worth it. Also, try to go during beargrass season—you won't be disappointed.

The campground at the lake is peaceful, quiet, and wonderfully community-oriented in the cooking area. I spent an hour or so chatting with other backpackers before sitting myself down at the foot of the lake until the sun went down.

In the summer, mosquitos can be pretty heavy, so a net is needed, otherwise expect a lot of swatting and itching. Set your tent up as fast as you can to keep those suckers out.

I did see a grizzly bear on the trail to the lake, so always hike in groups and make noise!