David B.

Saratoga Springs, NY

Joined June 2016

Warren Bridge

We stayed there and loved the serenity and the pronghorns. A little crowded but the rec area across the street was great.

First to Review

A kozy campground with a bit too much some for the fires.

Trails End

We just visited Trails End earlier this month and had a great stay there. We camped in Site 1 out of the 8 and had lots of privacy. The next morning we started a backpacking trip into Titcomb Basin and the location was perfect for that. Other than the road construction on the way up, it was a nice scenic drive. Highly recommended.

Lake Catherine

This park has everything you need. We got an amazing site right on the water and spent a day here because it was so beautiful. We were driving out west and didn't plan on stopping but it was so beautiful, we took a couple hikes and thoroughly enjoyed the day and left the next.

First to Review
Toad Suck

It was a nice campground but nothing special. There weren't many people when we were there so it was nice but those who there were very noisy. There was a group of young adults that took about 4 campsites and played Jason Derulo music late into the night. Otherwise it wasn't a terrible experience and would return if it isn't as loud as last time.


We got one of the last sites available but it was a group site. The people next to us parked so close, when there was a ton of room available at the other end of the site. The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting, so bad we make jokes about it years later. I would never ever return and don't recommend going there.


We were driving home from Colorado and decided to go out of our way to get to a state park. We got in around 7 so there was a little day light. The next morning we left at 6 in the morning and no one was up yet. It rained as we came in but nothing the park could have dome to fix that. It was good for a nights rest and no commotion, but nothing more than an average night in the rain.

Big Wall Lake

We stopped here when we drove from NY to CO and it was fine. We got here late and left early in the morning so we never saw the place in light. For what it was it worked for us.


This place is jam packed and probably the farthest you can get away from the Grand Canyon but still be called 'Grand Canyon'. It is a KOA so I wasn't expecting anything amazing but you are like on top of the tent next to yours. If I were you I wouldn't go here but rather check if TenX has any space.

Flagg Ranch

We went to Grand Teton National Park and stayed at many of the campgrounds and this one was surprisingly one of our favorite. We saw a lot of deer (which aren't too special) but seeing than made you feel like you were a part of the wild and part of the park. I liked other sites more but if there was no room at Jenny Lake, this is where I would go.


This is definitely for those with a big group that likes to party. It wasn't suited for my family of 4 who likes to backpack. There are better places to go in the park like Signal Mountain or Jenny Lake.


The island is beautiful and the horses are cool to see. It's a bit sad how the horses aren't really wild and more come to humans for food. The wind was the only issue, we couldn't leave the tent without it blowing away in the wind. Definitely would return and maybe make a trip out of it.


The campgrounds in the Whte Mountains had no available sites besides this one so this is where we went. We got a sight right next to the busy road. Let me tell you, the traffic doesn't stop overnight and we didn't only get to hear the cars but we saw the headlights come through our tent all night. Not the best


Bugs were everywhere which made for a bad time, DONT GO LATE JUNE. Otherwise a nice place with primitive sites on the water. Wouldn't return in June again.


We probably got one of our worst nights sleep at this campground but it was worth it for the beauty. The wildlife kept us away and we sat in our tent ready to use our bear spray (you can buy some or rent it but would definitely recommend it). While up there we saw the most bears we sa the whole trip in one day, a mother and her 2 cubs, and 2 other bears in separate locations. Would return for the wildlife again for sure.

But of a Drive but Totally Worth it

We saw Cave Mountain on our map and needed to find somewhere to stay so we decided to check it out. The drive in is very long and you start to wonder if you are going the right way, you are. We got there and a mother bear and her cub were at the site we claimed. After scaring them away we set up camp. The next morning on our drive out we saw a young moose by the creek and it was an amazing site. Definitely would reccommend to anyone who wants to have peace and see wildlife.

Worth the Long Ride

The road up to Bowman lake is bumpy and rocky but once you are there it is all worth it. The lake is absolutely beautiful, the hosts are the nicest we have met, and the campsites are clean. What more could you ask for? The lake was absolutely stunning and clear so you could see the fish. The only unnerving thing was there had been mountain lion attacks and such just before we came there. We never did see one but it was an amazing campground.

Two Medicine

This is one of my favorite parts of the Park due to its quietness. It's less visited than the other parts leaving a wonderful place to hike and a great place to see wild life. This campground is for those who just want some please and quiet to enjoy scenery and wildlife.

Good Way to Start Our Vacation

We drove up from Bozeman and spent our first night there. The facilities were a little dirty and our neighbors were noisy late into the night. But the scenery was so beautiful and no bugs where there so it balanced out to a decent nights stay.


It was a nice place until the boaters came through. Also there was a dog in the site next to us that continually jumped at us while growling. Otherwise it was fine.