Annette K.

The Dyrt Pro

Austin, TX

Joined February 2021

Can't beat for Price

Very out and the open! Hard for rigs to pull into, soft ground, and potholes in the dirt road. Site are very close together, first come first serve. Has electric and water at ever site tho! $6 a night is a steal, I have the America is Beautiful/interagency pass and only pay $3 a night. Saves you 50% at each park, for sale online for $80 annually. 03/23/21 the bathrooms are still locked due to the 9 degree freeze they had busted the pipes and month ago. Amphitheater is cool for pics, but looks rotten and never used. Pavillion has fireplace and never in use. Behind the fireplace if you walk directly behind it about 300ft into a trail that runs into a creek, to your right will be old native American stone work stairs ( i posted a video) thats very cool. Also posted a video about the national foxhound graveyard that host the best of America's foxhounds. Also super cool. What isn't cool is when you got the fireflies and the campfire and the crickets, and mellows and dogs roasting, then, booom!!!! Here comes big rigs flying thur your ambience at 80mph loud AF just 100 feet away from all campsites. There is a major road that cuts the camp into two. Kills the whole "nature" feel! All night long!!! Bluebonnets are in full swing, so are the woodpeckers, red cardinals, blue Jay's, no coons or squirrels tho. Left food out the whole week, not a thing got into our bread or food. There is a cute grey kitty here, she comes every night and eats my dogs leftovers. Coyotes due there howling at different locations every 🌙, but no worries here. Ample wood for burning, I'm not kidding. Bring ur ax! Piles and piles at every 🌳 line. No snakes that I've seen, but spiders. And little maggots keep falling from the trees to our hammock and chairs. They did a prescribed burn 🔥 while we were here. Didnt inform us either. But that's seasonal. Host is lonely and bored, loves to talk, kinda deaf. Gotta yell. But nice guy overall. Cell service for Verizon is very sliw, AT&T is marginal at best,, Sprint/Tmobile is great. Well, thats all folks, hope I could be of help.

Beautiful Sunsets

Beautiful campground. Stayed in last loop camp 36. Was too close to 35. Not much privacy. Wish I would have chose 43, drive down the hill a bit to unload, had its own private beach. The last loop 35-43 is primitive campsites. Still has bathrooms though with flush toilets. Each loop has flush toilets, the first 2 loops has shower houses. Didnt check the water temp. Have my own hot water privacy shower. Dogs must be on leash. Quiet tim 10pm to 6am. Cute couple in matching shirts comes around on golf cart several times a day checking on guest. First 2 loops are for electric amps for RVs. But the primitive loop still has water hook ups as well. There is a dump station. And must Reserve Online only! No cash, cards, checks accepted on site. Boat dock is $5 a day with a credit card machine as soon as you go through gate. The gates do not lock at night. Was there for 2 weeks March 2021. Many fireflies,, which was like a fairytale,, through the forest and down by lake.. cell service was good for Verizon, Sprint, and Tmobile. Kinda slow but worked. Fire rings, and tables at each site. The primitive loop had no tent pads, just set up where you like. I paid $7 because I get half off with my American is Beautiful/interagency pass which is available online for $80 annually. Saves me %50 @ most parks. Price is $14 a night for the primitive loop. And goes up to like $40 depending on amp. They have 3 shelters, which is just a box with windows and electricity for $38 a night in the first loop. All sites are basically on the water, some are too close to one another, some are very private. Gotta look at the park map online. Only 1 walking trail with 2 benches through the walk. Very short, not much to see, kinda muddy. Trail ends at a picnic table by the water. There is a short cut if you follow the path to the boat ramps so you don't have to turn around and walk back out. No wildlife messed with our food out side. No coons. Saw red cardinals, blue Jay's, woodpeckers, white tailed deer, bunnies was about it. There are some fat dark brown squirrels tho. If you come out gates for gas/ice/food make a left. Twice the ice 16lbs for$2 is a mile on your right. As is food and ⛽ and doughnuts 🍩 😋. Being next to a major road and the giant trucks and boats driving through to get down by the dock kinda killed the forest, fireflies, lake, sunset ambiance for me a little. Very windy up on the primitive loop, mind you its a peninsula 30ft above the lake!

Spillway from Lake to Springfield fed creeks!

Beautiful place! Host Jerry is cool guy, loads of information. Rides around once a night around sunset on his golf cart to see if everyone is okay. Been here 5 times. Sawmill trail is very cool. 2.5 miles to the old sawmill and 2.5 miles back out. Loads of deer here. Many interlacing creeks. Water from down under pumps into creek which you may see by the 3 bridges. Fire pits, grills, huge tent pads, lantern post, and giant picin tables are at each campsite. Very spaced apart. Lots of privacy. 1 vault toilet which is super clean, and a bathhouse in center of park. Showers are luke warm at best. Verizon works well here, sprint sucks. Never really busy here. Its $10 a day to camp, but I have the America is Beautiful interagency pass for $80 annually, saves me 50% off, so I only pay $5 a day! Decent roads in and out, barley any pot holes. Dogs must be on leash, rangers come by once a day to check. No reservations here, first come first serve. Many trees for hammock and I did kayak on the small lake for fun. Fished for days, caught nothing. Woodpeckers are here! As many other bird species. Loads of 🍄. All different kinds, bought a book to identify them! Store is a bit far about 8 miles east. They got a water filter and ice house to fill 5 gallon jugs and 16lbs of ice for $2.

Very quiet here in the Sam Houston National Forest!

28 campsites! Not too close together either! They fixed the water spigots throughout the camp just recently. Bathrooms get cleaned daily, super clean during the week, but gets crowded on weekends. So bathrooms get kinda overused. The showers are hot! Many places have luke warm, but they turn up the heat here which is great. New host Robert is cool AF. Nice guy, doesn't bother anyone who isn't being a nuecince. Walker County has many fire bans, so check before you head out. First come first serve. No reservations. Gets overcrowded on weekends. Fishing, kayaking, the LSHT ( Lone Star Hiking Trail), all are great fun. Dogs are welcome , but forest workers come regularly, like 2xs a day drive by to check if people got them on leash. Alcohol permitted, but not publicly. Only on your site. Verizon service is great here! Sprint sucks. Att was marginally working. You may stay up to 14 days at a time here. I actually love it here, been back 5 times! $15 a night, if you have Americas Beautiful Pass, its half off! $7.50 a night folks! Pass is $80 annually online at National Forest. Just Google it.