Angela M.
Windham, ME
Joined June 2019
Cleanest Pond in Maine

The family went to Loon’s Haven this weekend (Thurs-Sun) and had a blast. This campground has the cleanest bathrooms I have ever seen while camping. The pond is crystal clear and we boated over to one of the small islands to find a rope swing which provided entertainment and memories for my children. There is also a bigger rope swing directly across the pond from the beach but I wouldn’t recommend taking children under 13 to it because you have to get on a platform and you have to clear many rocks before letting go. The campground is on the small side with no chance of getting lost and has mostly seasonal campers there. The only problem with that is they feel entitled to scream “slow down” at you when going 6-7 mph on the 5 mph road. I get it, there are kids around but to scream at strangers coming in is a little much. I gave it a 4 star rating because I feel they could have more activities throughout the day and they don’t have any (from what I could tell) during the week. No pool but a cute little beach which fills up fast. Nice playground and the store/canteen has great food and great prices compared to other campgrounds we’ve been to. Curfew for kids to be on their site is 10pm. Beware- if you need to go into town make sure you get a card to get back in the gate! They close it down at 8pm and my husband and I could not get back in! They never even offered me a key card at check in. Overall we really liked the campground and had a good time.

Family Fun Campground

Went to Papoose over Memorial weekend with the family and had a blast! Staff was super friendly, tons of activities for kids and adults, nightly entertainment, and lots more! Played parents VS kids kickball and laughed so hard. They have an nice pool and lake. We tie dyed as an activity as a family and in turn had a great souvenir to bring home. We booked for next Memorial weekend while there because we had so much fun!

Under construction

Apparently KOA recently purchased this campground and while there were newer facilities (bathhouses mostly) the place was still in need of lots of repairs. River and water slide was fun and they did provide us with a late checkout of 5pm but only because one of my children was covered in ticks from an nest that was on the ground and the other got poison ivy. I don’t recommend camping riverside because the mosquitoes were the worst I’ve seen in my life and I grew up in Maine so I know mosquitoes and how bad they can be. The adults only hot tub wasn’t working on our side which meant we had to go to the one by the water slide with tons of kids nearby. Not very relaxing if you ask me. Staff was friendly enough but definitely did not go out of their way to go above and beyond. Security drives by your campsite on their golf carts a million times day and night and stares you down.