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Pleasant RV Park, Capitol Reef NP

Stayed here while social distancing during the initial phase of the pandemic sometime in May 2020. Campsites have a decent amount of space between them. Very close to Capitol Reef National Park, this is a popular site for many park goers.

Facilities are very well kept and pleasantly clean. Nice, hot showers included with the campsite price and bathrooms are close to sites. One downside to this RV park is that the designated tent sites are right across from the designated RV sites. Any tent camper knows how annoying this can be, and although it did get fairly loud during the day and lunchtime, after dinner time it was fairly quietly and we slept soundly.

This RV park is very family-friendly, so keep in mind there are kids EVERYWHERE - kids riding their bikes in the roads, kids crying, kids yelling. All in all, a decent campsite that is pleasant enough and made worth it for the very clean facilities. Stay here when visiting Capitol Reef if this sort of place is your speed or you’re in need of a good shower. Tons of awesome hikes nearby (pictured).

Popular & Clean Campground, Breathtakingly Beautiful. Must Stay!

Stayed at the Kodachrome State Park campground during May of 2020 and have not forgotten the experience sense. This is the quintessential Utah campground - clean, spacious, absolutely beautiful surroundings, and ridiculously close to the incredible hiking Utah has to offer. You can literally wake up, put on your shoes, and go on a hike in this campground.

Super nice and clean bathrooms and showers, which is hard to come by when car camping for multiple weeks at a time. Coin laundry also accessible. I think we paid $35 a night, which is WELL worth it for the price, considering the awesome amenities. Multiple sites that should be reserved in advance online - this is definitely a campsite that fills up quickly during peak times.

Road super accesible to all vehicles; a ton of RVs and larger vehicle spaces and campgrounds. This campground is very secluded, it’s not close to the main interstate but that is part of its charm. Stars are incredible at night, do yourself a favor and stay up long enough to admire the breathtaking night sky.

Free Overnight Car Camp/Parking

We stayed in this area in the Summer of 2020 during our visit to Zion NP. Although we did not actually sleep in this particular BLM spot, I saved it for later for a potential overnight parking spot when we return with a conversion van.

Road is accessible to most vehicles, my Subaru Crosstrek had no issue, but there could be some tricky spots for lower or 2WD vehicles. This site is aptly named, as it is an overlook rather than a traditional campsite, and most people seemed to be using it as such. Good place for temporary boondocking. Location is also ideal, very close to Hurricane with all essentials. If I remember correctly, there is a grocery store/hardware store combo (I’d never seen this before so I remember it clearly) very close to this spot.

First to Review
Decent BLM Camping Near Vernal

We stayed here during the summer of 2020 due to its proximity to Vernal. It’s a decent enough campground, it’s very well maintained by BLM rangers which is probably the best part about it. Communal picnic tables at a couple of sites and clean pit toilets.

Due to its proximity to Pelican Lake, the sites are VERY buggy, at least they were during the summertime. It was bearable but I would definitely suggest bringing netting of some kind or one of those cheap bug jackets. There isn’t a lot of cover in the slightest, so site privacy is minimal and one can see very easily between each site. Fortunately, during our visit on a weekday, the campground wasn’t at all crowded, so it felt a lot more private than it probably would on a weekend. One upside of our stay was that we got to see some Pronghorns, photo included.

If you’re in the Vernal area, this is a nice, cheap campsite that will definitely suit your needs for primitive camping. I can’t remember the price exactly, but it was between $10-$15 a night and you pay in a BLM dropbox through an honor system.

Zion Must-Stay!

We stayed at this campground during our visit to Zion in early January. I can’t say enough good things about this campground - we usually stay in BLM camps because of the price and primitive style of camping, so staying here felt like a wonderful luxury, especially for the price of $25 a night.

As one would expect from a NP campground, campsites are adorned with a nice picnic table and fire pit and the distance between each campsite is decent. We saw lots of wildlife, as the deer like to hang out in the area and hopefully grab a snack from passerby’s.

The actual Watchman Trail is a fun, easy hike that is super popular, especially for families and children. When we visited, it was difficult to get into the actual Zion Canyon so we did this hike on an off-day due to is proximity to camp. This hike and Observation Point are really the only hikes that are worth it, in my opinion, outside of the Zion Canyon.

Essential National Forest Camping

Visited this campsite in the Summer of 2020 many times and am just getting around to reviewing it - I almost didn’t want to because I want to keep its secrets all to myself! Sometimes we would just come here to hang out because the space is so nice.

Actual campsites are great, there’s tons of room between them and each space is allotted its own privacy. On two occasions, we saw an elk and a coyote, which was very cool.

Campground is very close to Vernal, where we stayed for a duration of the summer, so I highly recommend this campsite to anyone in the area.

Picturesque Lake Camping, Dino Prints!

Very popular campsite, and understandably so. Other reviewers got it right - this is a beautiful place to camp and we throughly enjoyed it.

Besides the wonderful scenery, our absolute favorite part of this campground is the ability to rent kayaks and kayak over to see the dinosaur footprints. This was our first time seeing anything of the like, and it absolutely blew our minds! Do NOT miss doing this while visiting.

Due to the fact this is such a special and thus popular campsite, it can get fairly loud, especially at night when sound carries. This is to be expected of a nice camping spot, sometimes groups can get a little loud with their music, but most are respectful and observe quiet hours past 10pm. Regardless, definitely will be back to this campsite in the near future.

Meh but Does the Job

BE MINDFUL OF WIND! These group sites are very exposed and have little to no cover and can be extremely dangerous on a windy day/night. We stayed here in mid-June 2020 and were actually instructed to leave by a ranger because the winds were projected to be so strong that night.

Actual campsites are okay and are definitely great for larger groups, but I would personally avoid this one if you only have a couple of people in your party. Pit toilets were clean but a little far away from the campsites.

Great Boondocking/Car Camp Spot

This spot is perfect for boondocking or car camping, but we decided against popping up our camper here and just car camped instead. Not super dispersed, but the access road is accessible to most vehicles. However, some side road pulloffs are definitely better suited for 4WD vehicles. I would suggest walking the route first to make sure your particular vehicle can make it.

I loved this campsite due to its proximity to the three National Monuments near Flagstaff: Wupatki, Walnut Canyon, and Sunset Crater Volcano. We decided to stop at these monuments on a whim during our National Park tour and they did NOT disappoint! I highly recommend visiting all three, and perhaps ending with Walnut Canyon, as it was my favorite. This campground is great for visiting all three, as each monument is only 10-25 minutes away. They are all incredible and very worth the visit if you’re in northern AZ for the staple Grand Canyon.

Good National Forest Camping

Stayed here with a couple of friends in late December of 2019. Great proximity to Gila National Forest, which is the primary reason we chose this campground. Obviously was very cold during December, but we were comfortable with an all-season tent & sleeping bags.

Camp hosts were super nice and gave us a lighter when we couldn’t find ours, which was a saving grace when it came to be dinner time. Picnic tables were great, especially when you’ve become used to primitive camping without such luxuries. Pit toilets were clean and accessible. Overall, nothing special but a great campground for the location and the helpfulness of the hosts.

Cool Campsite w/ Stream Access - Pin Location Incorrect

I agree with a couple other reviewers that say the pin for this campground is slightly off - the good BLM campsite is slightly up the road, about a mile or a bit more, and is marked by an old, run-down abandoned RV right at the front of the camp.

We stayed here in June of 2020 and it was HOT! But nevertheless not unbearable. The little stream that runs across the campground was our saving grace; just deep enough to put our chairs in and dip in our toes. Also great for showering with biodegradable soap.

There are a decent amount of sites, if I had to guess, I’d say twenty or even more. It is dispersed but there isn’t a ton of privacy. Not a ton of places to dig your daily foxhole. If you are unfortunate to get some noisy neighbors, it won’t be fun. We had some VERY noisy and inconsiderate neighbors that played “I Got Loaded” on repeat for like two days. Every other group, however, was very respectful. Saw groups of children and adults alike on horseback many times. Several of the occupied spaces seemed to be occupied by at least semi-permanent residents.

Reasonably close to Zion and perfect for the price. Also super close to other amazing hikes on BLM land. Actual road into campsite can be a little tricky depending on which way you go, we did see one person in a 2WD vehicle get stuck in sand, but our neighbor made it in and out many times in a Volkswagen Jetta. Highly recommend this campsite when visiting Zion! Good proximity to Hurricane (pronounced Hurricin, lol) for essentials.

Secluded BLM Camping

We stayed here in January 2021 during our visit to Saguaro National Park due to previous good reviews. Classic BLM-style camping, meaning no amenities, dispersed, and pack out all waste.

This campground’s name is quite apt; it is indeed a cactus forest, and a beautiful one at that. However, watch where you step AND where you drive!!!! Some places are hairier than others, but we were very careful for our own safety and for the livelihood of the Saguaros, as young ones are quite tiny and need to be protected. We were traveling with our cat, and we usually let him walk around campsites with us, but decided it was not worth the risk at this campground. I would avise against dogs roaming here as well.

This is a great campground if you are just looking to get away for the weekend or want a quaint, quiet campground amongst incredible Saguaros. However, I personally prefer the BLM Pipeline campground to this one, as it’s more spread out, has less opportunity for cactus stepping, and has a much better proximity to Saguaro NP (especially the East park/Tucson Mountain Park).

The Quintessential BLM Campground

Date of Stay: 1/20/21 Vehicle: Subaru Crosstrek w/ tow-behind popup

I was a bit wary of this campground due to lack of reviews, but after an unsuccessful attempt to camp at another campground close to Saguaro NP East, we decided to give this site a go - and I’m SO glad we did. This is the perfect BLM campground - very dispersed, quiet, and FREE!

We arrived on a Wednesday afternoon with only about two other groups there. Directions from the Dyrt are perfectly accurate, but the turn is a bit tricky to see, as it is a narrow dirt road surrounded by brush. You can actually turn left or right when prompted by directions, but we went right and drove about ¾ of a mile down (you’ll see a sign addressed to campers so you’ll know you’re in the right place). Road is mostly very flat but does have the occasional bump/washout, and there is no shortage of rocks. Had no problem in my vehicle w/ trailer.

I honestly don’t know how many “campsites” are here, as they seem to be scattered pretty randomly around. There are little side roads that branch off the main road as well, we went down one of those and found a quaint little spot with camper-made fire pit that isn’t visible to the main road. Because of this, I would highly recommend arriving to this spot during the day, as we would have never found our great spot had it been dark.

As for the spot itself, it isn’t the prettiest because it’s mostly desert brush and dirt, but the Saguaros most definitely make up for it. Our specific campsite is marked by a towering, twenty-foot high Saguaro that I love waking up to every morning. There is little to no shade, but during the winter, the sun is very welcome. As for wildlife, we’ve seen several coyotes and roadrunners but not much else, at least during the day.

Location of this site is optimal - about five minutes from a local mart with all essentials, and ten from a Speedway and Dollar General. About 35 minutes from Saguaro West/Mountain Park and the same into central Tucson. Overall, I highly recommend this site for any avid BLM camper who is accustomed to no amenities. This may be my favorite BLM site I’ve ever camped.

Classic KOA-Style Family Camping

We stayed here for two or three nights during our June 2020 trip to the Mighty Five. We much prefer dispersed camping on BLM/Forestry land, but sometimes, the time comes when you need a shower. This campsite is the perfect place to stay intermittently when the urge to shower becomes a necessity. It’s reasonably-priced, and the tent sites were fairly private and not too noisy, considering their proximity to the about a million families camping in RVs near by. Of course, the best part of this campground is the showers, which are clean, clean, clean! We felt like new people after using these facilities. They may even allow non-camping guests to use showers for a nominal fee; each shower room is accessible with a code.
There is also a general store right on the property that has surprisingly nice knick-knacks, gifts, and food. A little on the pricey side but that is to be expected of a business so close to Bryce Canyon.

Perfect & Accessible Dispersed Camping

If you’re visiting Capitol Reef, do yourself a favor and stay here! It’s super close to the park and the landscape is absolutely gorgeous. Tons of room and gets fairly crowded, there were, at the very least, ten other groups at this site in mid-June 2020 during the week when we visited. It is fairly close to the road, but due to minimal traffic, it’s still peaceful and quiet at night.

I would definitely stay here again, but try to arrive very early to secure a secluded spot. There were a couple spots right next to a cliff face that were ideal, and a little further back into the campground. Otherwise, you will be staying fairly close to other campers, as there isn’t a ton of brush to separate sites.

We climbed the little foothill right next to the campground for sunset and it was lovely. Capitol Reef is probably my favorite of the Mighty Five, in part due to the fact it isn’t nearly as crowded as a park like Arches or Zion, so if you’re considering visiting, please do!!!

Most Magical Place in Utah

I almost don’t want to review this campsite because I don’t want it to be packed next time I visit… but I want people to know how special it is!

Cathedral Valley is exceptionally unique and absolutely blew my mind. We weren’t expecting to camp here (June 2020), but when we exited the valley through the north side, we stumbled upon this campground and just couldn’t not stay. We even passed up our pre-reserved (and pre-paid, I might add) campground for the night because this spot was just so incredible.

The actual site isn’t anything amazing, it has picnic tables and a fire ring and ample space for two tents, but it overlooks the entirety of Cathedral Valley and makes for an absolutely amazing sunrise. Accessing Cathedral Valley from the south may, at most times, require a 4WD vehicle, but a member in our party succeeded (narrowly) in a 2019 Toyota Avalon. We went in a Toyota 4Runner and had zero issue. To the best of my knowledge, this campground is accessible from the North to any vehicle due to mostly paved roads. It’s only when descending into the valley that the roads get tricky (VERY sandy).

Great & Small Primitive Camping

This campsite is the closest to Capitol Reef, and although small, it was perfect. We visited in June 2020 and it was beautiful, especially at night due to minimal light pollution. There are only a handful of sites, but we managed to snag one on a weekday. I’m sure the sites are harder to get on weekends, so get there early. Will definitely be returning to this campground on our next trip to the Mighty Five.

Favorite Campsite Ever

This campground is one of the best I’ve ever stayed at. There are only a couple spots, maybe seven if I had to guess, and they’re kind of close together but each space still has its own privacy. The landscape, however, completely makes up for any lack of ample space. Sites are first-come, first-serve, and were $20 a night when we stayed in mid-June 2020. Very clean pit toilets and an amazing trailhead access right across the road, highly recommend the Fisher Towers trail. Road to campsites fairly bumpy and best suited to 4WD, but a friend made it just fine in a Kia Optima.

Beautiful Camping in the Redwoods

This is one of my favorite campsites I’ve ever been to! It’s GORGEOUS and so serene. There are little walking trails throughout the whole park which are awesome, saw many people taking their dogs for a walk. We visited in early December and the temperature was bearable but pretty cold throughout the day due to the complete lack of sunlight. Definitely more of a summer camp. There are bathrooms on-site, but no showers. Camp host was very friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend this spot for visitors to Redwoods National Park!

Awesome Campground, Lovely Host

I LOVE this campground and its host, whose name has escaped me. He was very helpful and kind and we loved seeing him walk his little dogs around the park. We stayed here in our popup camper sometime in December of 2020 and we were one of the only groups there during the entirety of our five-day stay. It’s peaceful and quiet and extremely beautiful; the towering redwoods coupled with the beautiful river made for an absolutely serene stay. These sites are nice and secluded with absolutely no cell coverage (Verizon), and about a 35-45 minute drive from Eureka and about 15 from the nearest gas station. Showers were closed due to Covid during our stay.

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