Pretty neat area to stay in

This area has a bunch of areas to access the North Platte River. It's littered with gold but it'll take you about a million years to get 0.25oz

It's a beautiful area that is good for fishing and is extremely quiet. You can be as secluded as you'd like to be.

First to Review
Basic, clean

This is a good place for using an ORV because there are trails up the mountain for them. It's a good place to fish, camp, and hang out. It's bars minimum out here. Nothing special.

Great beach!

To me, it seems as though a sandy beach on a lake and mountains can't possibly go together….i was so wrong! This place was cool! We were there on a weekend and didn't find it busy at all. I only saw one boat on the lake and that's it. The water is beautiful, the swimming is great, and the lake is big. I'm a fan and I'll definitely come back!

Great spots near water!

Good area for fishing on land or boat due to direct access to north platte river. The sound of the water while you sleep is great. Caught a good bit of trout through here. This seems like an area where you may need to worry about snakes during the day.

In addition to the restroom facility, there is also a water station operated by hand crank.

Basic, Nicely private

I have brought my tent here for an overnight stay and also brought my modular kayak to fish from. The lake was clean, had a great breeze, and had great fishing as well. It's a nice area for a mountain bike trip if you don't mind making your own path.

Very toasty, no shade

Being that this is Texas, it's super hot all day and all night long. It's worse when there is no shade to shield you. Although the breeze is great off of the water, shade would be nice. The area is clean, the beach is clean, and it is about what you can expect from a Corpus Christi beach area camp site. Nothing special, just enough.

Heavily trafficked but clean

This campground and beach area is heavily trafficked by tourists and locals, but is still kept quite clean. There are basic amenities such as restrooms and trash facilities. Nothing fancy.

Open, scenic

I have been here several times in high school and in my adult years. Lots of what i did was participate in cross country practice here. This campground is open, there are a lot of amenities, it's very well kept, and there is good access to water.


This is definitely a monumental park with so much to see. There is no way to cover it in one day or wven a couple days. The park is lush, full of wild life, great for primitive camping, clean, and so much more. It's got something for everyone.

Garlic mustard

I don't know why i found this so funny, but I kept seeing signs about garlic mustard.

Aside from this, the water was beautiful, the walking/hiking trails are beautiful. We did a day visit and really enjoyed seeing the different kinds of vegetation that they had growing there. The family loved it for sure. The beach was clean and made for a great time.

Small, quiet

This is a place usually only locals go to since it's not near enough to the major cities. It's clean and basic. The lake is sometimes completely dry, but when there is water, it is quite expansive. It's secluded due to being a large lake.

Clean, Expansive

The area is well kept, clean, and well managed. I have frequented this park because it offers a lot of activities from primitive camping, RV parking, fishing, hiking, biking, backpacking, etc. They're are some rock cliffs that are suspended over the Kankakee river and also over a creek that feeds it. These are great for climbing and scaling. Additionally, there are Indian caves through the creek where you can still find arrowheads. Exploring the area is pretty cool and the park is quite expansive and impressive for this state. It's great during all times of the year.

Breezy, sunny, unique

The campground is mostly suitable for travel trailers or vehicles rather than tents. It is large and paved, good amenities, good access to the beach. The beach spans the entire gulf coast if you are interested in walking from Florida to Mexico. I come here often and love to stay out on the beach.

Wind, water, rays

Our stays at Chicot have always been awesome. There is a ton to see as far as wildlife goes….armadillos, alligators, tons of birds, snakes, etc. The trail that we took could be taken on foot or by mountain bike. We have done it both ways. Mountain biking is good, but i would auggest fatbiking because of the terrain. It is soft and sometimes very muddy. It's not your typical mud either…full of clay.

Solitude or Community Camping

The Scab Creek trailhead toward Little Divide Lake is such an awesome way to immerse yourself in the area that the locals call "The Winds". This is a section of the Winds Reservation in the Bridger-Teton National Forest. It's perfectly breezy, sun kissed, and full of cold mountain streams. You can make this as long or short as you'd like and you can even take horses up this rocky/sandy talk through the mountains. 6 miles in, you will arrive at the Little Divide Lake. 6 miles past that, the mountains open up to an awesome pasture/meadow where the elk, sheep, deer, and other wildlife are grazing. It's an awesome trip and everyone i have ever met there has been awesome. Highly recommended! Not many people besides the locals know about this place.