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Feels like you are camping in Jurassic Park!!!

This campground feels like you are taking a step back into time or being part of Jurassic Park. There are many spots right along the river which you can place a smaller(less than 25’) travel trailer or RV. Each spot has its own landscape and plenty of space from your neighbors. This campground does not take reservations as its first come first serve. There also are not any hook-ups for water, sewer or electrical. The weather has its own climate and we stayed in early August and temperatures stayed around the 65-70’s during the day and a little cooler at night. We would come back here again!

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Wish we could have stayed...

Wish we would have been able to stay at this location. We spoke with the camp host over the phone and said they would be able to accommodate our small travel trailer and would text the address which never happened so we followed the address on the website. Upon getting to the site location designated on the map/website both gates to the driveways were gated and locked. We walked up to a larger camper that looked occupied and was designated for the camp host cabin, knocked and no one answered. It looked like a unique property if we could have stayed there which we planned too. We then proceeded to find a campsite near the Hoh Rain Forest entrance at Olympic National Park and boondocked.

Great "Free" campsite just outside of National Park

Great campsite if arriving late to get into the park at the Hoh Rain Forest entrance. There are no amenities and require the Washington State discovery pass to utilize this state land ($10 a day or $35 year). There is plenty of room for larger RVs and travel trailers. 

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Great stopping point to get into Yellowstone - beware of traffic noise

The location is perfect for getting into the Yellowstone. There is some highway noise and didn’t seem to give up throughout the night. The staff is very friendly and the entire facility was extremely well kept and clean. The shower houses were dated but clean. The washers and dryers worked very well and were not over priced like most facilities. We came here because we had to and we would definitely come back or recommend this place to others if passing through.

Check out the link on youtube at: https://youtu.be/VzsbODTmeTc

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Great historical private campsite with no amenities

Easy to get to and private campsite. A little circular dirt parking area was a good spot for us to setup our trailer for the night. There is enough space for multiple RV's or tent camping. There are no amenities but great views and privacy. There is no Verizon cell phone service and TONS of broken glass and there is ample room if you want to setup a tent, but there is debris in the area. Don't let this deter you from this FREE campsite as there is tons to see and do. You can hike up bluffs and walk through the old 1880's coal mining town. We would stay at this location again as its very convenient to get to if in route out west.

Youtube Link to video: https://youtu.be/ZDwd73Q1FOA

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Nice spot for a quick stop

Rose Lake campsite is a nice spot minutes right off of the highway. The original posting has the public access area for the camping but the camping area is near the boat launch(take your first left when going to the public access). Near the public access there is a outhouse. When you get to the correct area there is a mowed area to park your travel trailer, setup a tent or park your RV. This area is very buggy so be prepared, we stopped in late July. There is no cell phone service too! Check out our blog at www.unnadventures.com or follow our journey on facebook or instagram at Unnamed Adventures.

Gorgeous views!!

This free campsite is part of the Blackrock Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and about 10 minute drive from U.S Hwy 26 on Buffalo Valley Road (then about 100 yards on a dirt road).  This an awesome secluded spot right off the road in route to Turpin Meadows campground (which is paid camping).  There are other campsites along the road but you will more than likely have neighbors parked right next to you.  

This location will give you privacy without the road traffic or neighbors parked near you.  You can stay at this site location for up to 16 days.  There is a designated fire pit and the site overlooks the Buffalo Fork River.  With a short walk you are able to see the Grand Tetons from the site.  We were woke up by bugling Elk one of the mornings we stayed and saw a about 30 head coming into camp another night across the river.   You will pass by many a handful of ranches in route to this location.  We would have stayed longer as the site is absolutely beautiful overloading the valley  There is no Verizon cell phone service at this location or other amenities.  

Video link: https://youtu.be/z30Oiwi5eHw  

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Beautiful Spot! Rough Road.

If your wanting a place that overlooks the Grand Teton National Park this is your place. The views from campsites 1-15 are absolutely unreal and overlook Antelope Flats followed by the Grand Teton's. Some of the other campsites at Shadow Mountain are harder to navigate. Around Shadow Mountain there is about 8 miles worth of 4 wheeler trails that you can bike or walk where the other campsite locations are located. 

Shadow Mountain is part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and from May 1- Labor Day you can stay a maximum of 5 days, the other dates you can stay up to 16 days. The camp ambassador has more detailed maps of the camping areas. This part of the national forest allows for FREE dispersed camping but only at assigned campsites. There is a camp ambassador on-site near sites 1-15 to help enforce the rules(this is a busier campsite in the summer as its very close to Jackson and lots of locals come out- kind of a party spot). There is a porta-potty on site on campsites 1-15 but no water or other amenities near other campsites. 

The road to get this location can be difficult but maneuverable as there are some large ruts in spots and larger river rock makes slower travel. It can be navigated by pretty much any car type or truck with trailer. If you have an RV it may be difficult to get to this location. 

Overall we highly recommend you check out this spot as the view is absolutely gorgeous. There is animal activity in the area Moose, Elk, Grizzly so use proper animal safety,"be bear aware." The camp ambassador mentioned a few weeks prior to our stay a grizzly attached a mom and her baby Moose near campsite 14! 

Check out our video review: https://youtu.be/8mVj1dxL5t4

Good location and well kept!

We stayed here on our way to Key West and we were pleasantly surprised by how well kept the campground was. The bathrooms were closed but it didnt say why. The sites are electric which is nice in the heat. From what the ranger said this park is the only one open this time of year.

Beautiful spot!

We stayed at a great, free, campground and though it was down pouring when we arrived, we had no issues going down the long road since it was gravel. It was such a beautiful spot and very quiet! Potts Preserve is 8,500 acres and protects the area's groundwater recharge capability and important surface water features and wetland habitats. It is part of the Southwest Florida Water Management District Conservation Lands.

Youtube Video Review: https://youtu.be/_n8q3ib0kPo