Amy H.

Saint James, MO

Joined May 2020

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Feel the Nature!

Birds, open and clean air, nice trails to explore. The RV section seemed cramped but the tent section seemed spacious.

Just Climb It

It is actually a quicker hike than it looks. At first it looks intimidating for beginners, but before you know it, you are already halfway there. Also, if you really want to camp here, you have to reserve like a year in advance.

Family-Friendly Park

This is a great family-friendly park, as it has many activities for nature education, an observatory, and endless trails. (Dont hike alone! Alligators arent shy and they think they own the trails!) The drive in to the main area is great. Drive slow so you can enjoy the views! Also, take your binoculars and scope the horizons!

Beach Livin’

We camped on the beach. It was pretty nifty! Sparse of people. Got to watch the sunrise and sunset. Not too much to do here though, other than beach activities. This place was recommended by a friend, and I enjoyed my stay.

Natural Place

I didnt go fishing, but I heard its a great spot. There’s a plant across the way that ruins the view and disturbs the lighting. It seems to be a place with a very natural feel, other than the big plant.

The Waterfall!

Pleasant hike. Pleasant environment. Pleasant waterfall. I remember this place being rather peaceful!

Small But Plenty

I think this must be one of the smaller state parks of Texas, but there are plenty of trails to enjoy nature, learn about wildlife and plants, and have some good camping memories. Plenty of trees to perch a hammock, plenty of room to throw a frisbee, and some of the better bathrooms/showers I have seen among state parks.

Just after Hurricane Harvey

We camped at the horse spot. These camping spots are mostly spacious and private - plenty of shade trees. We walked some trails, but they were mostly flattened/destroyed by Hurricane Harvey. Hopefully by now they have been rebuilt and are just as beautiful as I imagined them. If I were still local to the area, I would definitely go back, and definitely recommend others to go as well.

Other than the view...

Dont have high expections for this place. It was tough to camp in a tent. Staff underestimated the walk-in, which was hard - mostly because of uphill, but also because of unstable and uneven rocks. No showers, of course, because you are in desert’s territory. This place isn’t good for tent camping because it is camping on rock, and you cant stake your tent into rock. Heads up! We used rocks inside our tent, at the corners, to hold it down against the winds. This is a better place for RVs and the like.

This spot is my favorite!

The hiking is beautiful! This was my first time swimming in a spring. As you walk into the lake (walk fast if you dont want to get bitten) you will find pockets if cooler water spouting up. Its kinda like stepping into a refridgerator but underwater. Personally my camping experience was ruined by the generator a couple spots down - constantly on and did not take a break - so it kinda ruined the beauty of the outdoor experience for me. But this is truly a beautiful place!

Listen for the ducks

I’ve been camping, fishing, and hunting at this place. My favorite is camping. But make sure to pack mosquito repellant! It isnt too crowded, so it is a quiet area. The free spot is before the bridge; pay for the ones after crossing the bridge.

Leave your worries about gators behind!

Theres plenty more to do at this park. If you want to stay on land, you will never exhaust the amount of trails this place has. I have a lot of great memories at this park, including group hangouts, fishing, hiking, and swimming. The park has a great, huge lawn for a picnic and a game of frisbee. Check yourself for ticks after hiking the trails though. Its a thick forest.