Windy but beautiful

I scored a last minute beachfront site and it was well worth it. Gorgeous beach, and wonderful for walking. Downside was the two campsites across from me that had 9 cars and 30 people. At least they went to bed at a decent hour…

Great birding

We ended up here for one night in January and were so pleased with the experience. We stayed in the tent loop- grateful we brought along our chemical toilet, because the facilities were very very far! But- the nursing was amazing- we had a few roadrunners and thrashers that hung out in our campsite and dozens of small Birds with the bushes around.

My happy place

Winter camping in the back loop is one of my most favorite things ever. If you especiAlly lucky, you may even see a Bighorn Sheep or two come through early in the morning. Do t miss the sunrise as well!

Can’t wait to come back here!

Diamond Lake was originally supposed to be a pet of Crater Lake NP and I can see why. The Broken arrow campground is huge! It was very empty when I camped there but even in normal times, the sites at the beginning of loop J are nice, have open land on one side and is right next to a short path to the lake!

I’d stay agin

A very nice NP campground that felt spacious. I loved the river loop trail in the campground- it was great to be able to hop out of the car and stretch my legs after a long drive day. The walk in sites looked super cool, but I’m not sure I would want to make that trek to the bathroom every time and it would be a pain to lug the chemical toilet out there!

I found a gem!

I chose this campground because it met my needs for an overnight stay on a drive home and was so surprised of how nice it was. The sites felt private with bushes and hedges separating them and the beach front sites looked wonderful! The campground has easy access to a beautiful beach that felt very empty for the beginning of a holiday weekend!

I didn’t want to leave!

I camped in one of the sites on the river and it was just lovely 😻 I wish I had planned on staying another night. The campsites are also huge!

Best sites on the lake!

These are group sites, but they are the best sites on the whole lake in my opinion. My family has been camping here for 78 years and it’s part of all my family memories. There is great beachfront access on the lake and being at the beginning of the lake, making a trip to Oakhust doesn’t feel so daunting. Like most of the lake, the majority of the pine trees have been removed, so the shade situation isn’t as great as it used to be- bring all the EZ ups you can!

Not my favorite Bass Lake campground

It feels crowded in some loops. The site we stayed in had road on three sides, no vegetation for privacy and a constant parade of people walking

Great views

The Forks Campground is nice because it’s walkable to the lake and the store/restaurant. Sites that are up on the hill have gorgeous lake views as well! The downside is how close to the Road those sites are and there is a metal plate cars drive over and it’s loud!

Beach town camping

I like my beach camping close to funky towns and good Mexican food. South Carlsbad always hits the spot!

Close quarters in some sites!

The campground is gorgeous and lots of the sites have beautiful stumps and downed trees separating the sites. But some sites are quite close with no vegetation separation. My experience got real awkward with all the fighting the family next to me engaged in 😳 No cell service (Verizon)

A great State Park campground

Nice, clean campground that has been very useful for me as an overnight on road trips or when seeing shows at The Britt in Jacksonville.

One of my favorites

I’m a big fan of Oregon State Parks in general, but I really love the sites that are on the River here. I usually spend a few days here each summer when attending concerts at Les Schwab.

Go for the outer sites!

I had a site that was one the outer edge- only open space and a trail behind me and it was wonderful. There was lots of space between the sites and a very quiet campground for being so close to town. I do imagine it would be different if you were in one of the sites closer to the populated area.

Crazy hillside of campsites

I just kept driving up and up and up. Sites are small and crammed in. The site I was in get like I was parked in the middle of the road, and the water spigot was right out my back hatch. Other sites seemed better situated.


It was a level site and had had shade. It also was next to a rather busy highway with lots of logging trucks. No cell signal (Verizon).

Spacious and peaceful

This campground was a pleasant surprise! I picked it because it was in a great spot for where I wanted to end up that night. The sites were large with plenty of room between each. Many of the sites had shade. The path between the sites and the creek was odd- it took me a bit to realize these were people walking to different pools or falls. I’m glad I had a site that didn’t butt up against the trail. I was able to walk down to the creek from the campground and soak my feet, which was a great relief from the heat.