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Fisherman Paradise....Not for Everyone

The front guardhouse/entrance is extra campy. Low light and decorated with 69 yo 74lb catch pictures. This is by far the most fisherman geared Texas State Park we have been to and it's our 12th!

The playground is nicer than expected. The tr ails are well-marked.

A quirk of this park are the neighbors. You drive by 8 plus mailboxes while inside the State Park. An abandoned home half collapsed is seen from the roadway. So that's unique.

Beautiful and generally well kept. It's an older style but they have a newer playground area next to the old one.

For a family I give this a 2. For Fisherman a 5. For everyone else a 3.


Lots of thoughtfulness in the layout and work of this camp. The trail that goes around the lake truly goes around so it's a trail runners dream. Playground is substantial and well away from cars. Bathrooms could be bigger but are clean. Tons of options and good signage.

And super safe!

All you need. No frills (beyond trails)

The cheapest Texas State Park for electric or electric/water campsites at only 14/night!

Spaces are spread out and loads and loads of pull through sites if that's your thing.

Bathrooms aren't great but if it isn't busy they are fine. Trails are beautiful and if you piece them together can be challenging. This park is very well maintained. I saw a few trail signs that were brand new and another trail is closed for maintenance. These are not wide, take the baby stroller kind of trails. The nature trail goes over a couple foot bridges and has a lot to see.

The beach area is okay with a few amenities. The bathrooms have 2 stalls each, 4 total again if it isn't busy they are fine. No family bathrooms in the whole place.

The sand on the beach is bad. Due to flooding and earth slides the beach front is super deep mud. If there has been even a trickle of rain on the past week you will lose your shoes the mud is so thick. Gorgeous for pictures though =)

The camp store isn't huge but they have shirts and souvenirs.

Awesome! Be picky with tent sites

Another great Texas State Park. I didn't see as much security as I usually do but the whole area is clean and well kept.

The bathrooms are amazing with fully enclosed toilet/shower/changing station for family bathrooms. As someone traveling with a toddler it is a HUGE relief to lock him inside while I shower.

We tent camp and while our site was perfect (#32) others were awful. It's very common for tent pads to be placed far away from the electrical box, so that's not a big deal… but after a rain storm it was apparent that a lot of tent pads need attention. The pads are dirt and many were uneven enough that 50% were well under water. Our pad was right next to the electrical box and someone had evened it out so while it rained and rained, we were good. So if you are tent camping pay close attention to the location and evenness of your tent pad. No amount of tarps would have saved some of these sites!

The trails are good and it's a very unique location. Reminds me of South Florida!

Lastly, the Armadillo circle is right next to the road. Okay maybe not right next to but you will hear traffic all night.

Great for $15/night!

Gorgeous! Even in Winter

Great wifi and bathrooms. Tons of security. Decent (even if short) trails.

Sign is too close to the highway without a safe place to park but there's an old sign inside the park.

Park store closed during winter except open on Saturdays.

Huge swimming beach.

Expensive but BEAUTIFUL

We didn't stay here overnight. We only came a couple days. We stayed at Bonham which is 15/night instead of here that's 25/night.

Beautiful everything! Even the bathroom is gorgeous with granite walls!

Swimming area and trails along the cliffs are exquisite. Great wifi as well.

Nice Cheap Gem

4.5 total miles of trails and none of it difficult. You can't take a baby stroller but obey because of a few branches, it's all easy hiking.

One bathroom but all the lits are spacious and secluded.

The lake is great. Beautiful swimming area and playground. We were here 7 days and only left once to hut Walmart (20 minutes)

Definitely 5 star, and only 18/night. Just as good as the 25/night Texas State Parks.

And as always, as a Texas State Park it is extremely safe. Park Police (actual police) are scene everywhere.

Oh, and everywhere it says no wifi and while it's true you can't log into a free network we had zero problems getting wifi on our phones and we were the only people in our loop being midweek during winter.

Small and gorgeous but Small

One of the cheapest of the Texas State Parks. Tent only spots are 15 a night and comes with electricity. One bathroom for everyone which makes for a walk. Decent trails but many are closed for silly reasons. Within 15 minutes of Walmart.

Expensive but almost worth it

One of the more expensive Texas state parks. Standard electric at 25/night. Large bathrooms and lots of trash bins. Actual pay phones (who knew those still existed?) the trails are for DORBA (Dallas Off Road Bicycle Association) so maybe that explains the horrible lack of signage. Bicycle fix it station.

Great security. I was with my 3 year old after dark, maybe 8PM at the playground on the water. No lights so I used our lamplight. I noticed a truck in the parking lot with its lights on. We were there maybe 90 minutes and the truck kept moving. When we left, they left. I spotted it down the road and saw they were camp rangers. Bodes well that they were keeping tabs on the facilities even if it was just a mom and kid.

Very clean and moist spots are secluded. Lots of REALLY great primitive spots if that's your thing.

Clean Safe Family Park

Typical clean and safe for a texas state park. No public drinking. Very little wildlife. We did have some squirrels get into out tent, my bad for leaving sweets out.

No feral pigs which are common these days. Nice sized spaces with tent areas and tables spread out.

Bonus in the loop bathroom they have individual rooms that have toilet and shower with a high lock. Really awesome if you are using shower with toddlers.

We saw signs about the ants bit we didn't see them. We were here over Christmas so that's probably why.

Extremely Safe and Family Friendly

We stayed in a tent only spot for 8 days in Dec. Really quiet even with a trail behind us. Lots of winding beautiful trails. One of the cheaper Texas State Parks so the trails aren't very long.

BUT the real hidden gem was in the bathroom by the yurts. They have a disabled shower. So it's within reach and the showerhead is lower. Awesome to use to clean my toddler without getting drenched.

Felt very safe, even walking around past dark. We saw feral hogs a few times at dusk. Really loved it.

The playground isn't very good but you are 20 minutes from Abilene with oodles of great parks and a small zoo.

Perfect Family Spot!

We spent 5 nights here and it was perfect. It's just myself and my toddler. There is a Walmart not too far away if you need supplies but they do sell both ice and firewood here in the campground. If they are out, ask and they will get more for you. The staff are really, really friendly. 

Ice is$2 per 7 lb bag and the wood is$10 for a pretty big bundle. I have attached photos. 

When I booked I was told that because of Covid-19 there would only be vault toilets and no showers, so I was beyond surprised to see that everything was up, running and smelling super clean. I struggled to find a place open during Covid-19 (May 2020) so again, super happy. My toddler is 3 and everything is very family friendly. There is a lower and upper loop. Make sure you check to make sure the site you are booking has what you need. We were at the top loop,#39, very close to the bathrooms and entrance. 

The campground doesn't have wi-fi but I was able to use my phone as a hotspot. I trade stocks for a living and the connection was good enough to do that:) I have Sprint. The spots are all spacious, I'm very surprised to see someone complain about that… and my spot in particular(again, 39) is more private than others with more trees separating me from other spots. The road is one way throughout the loops so there's no big traffic. Lots of kids riding bikes, adults walking and chatting. Tons of friendly dogs. The trail is also very pretty and makes a good loop.

Great outside of Covid

We had a really great time. Good cell coverage. Lots of security, playgrounds, well kept trails, a beach, general store. This place is MASSIVE. You will need to pay a one time entry fee 9 for out of state, 7 for in state. After you check into the campsite you will have a pass. We got a space with direct access to a huge playground, but it was closed for Covid. Major bummer. There are LOTS and LOTS of playgrounds so we had a lot of temper tantrums from my normally very well behaved toddler. He goes days and days without fussing but seeing playgrounds he can't use is too much, lol The swimming area is great for kids. They have lots of stuff for sale. I posted pictures so you can budget. Overall this place was perfect, the only downside is the temporary closures. A Walmart Supercenter is 30 minutes away. The general store really has anything(including tents) that you might need but it's overpriced as you would expect. We were able to stay on property all 5 days! Extra bonus! We were here on Memorial Day and we saw 0 people on a morning hike.

Safe and Secluded

We camped during Covid so the swimming beach and playgrounds were closed but everything else was great! Nice big lots, everyone has full shade. Each loop has a big bathroom with massive showers. One of our showers even had a handheld nozzle! And each loop has their own dumpster. 

This campground is out in the boonies so you'll want to stock up before you pull in. Here's a rundown: 

25 min from Walgreens 

45 min from Walmart 

40 min from laundromat 

2 hours from Target and CVS 

The trails are wide and there are multiple water access points to get to the shoreline This is a reserve only now so be sure to pick your spot before you show up. I haven't seen an attendant though I did see a couple kids cleaning the bathrooms. There is a paid wifi option that's$20/week but I just used Sprint roaming as a hotspot for my laptop and it was perfect. So try the free route first. The photos for each spot are accurate on

Tent Only Sites are Great!

We found this place by accident. It's a city park that has rodeos or something. So they have a lot of "agritourism" stuff around. There are two rings of RVs spots. They have full hookups and cost $30 a night. Free and amazing wifi. Laundry is 1.50 to wash and 1.50 to dry. Showers. They claim $5 for non-camper showers and $25 for non-camping dumping. It's all a pay box though so…. 

We stayed in the tent only section. We were very impressed. This section is in the far back of the park, closest to the nature trail. It's a large area to accommodate a lot of tents but there are only 3 electricity poles. All tent sites are only$10/night even if you use electricity. The bathrooms have 3 stalls and a couple showers. Very spacious considering. We camped during the winter and were the only tent campers. They have a baseball field and other things through the back end of the park so you do have some local kid traffic. But it was mostly quiet. Lots and lots of deer. 

The camp host is in the first ring across from the laundry so you are the furthest away in the tent sites. That being said, they came by a couple times to check on us while we were unpacking and hanging out outside the tent. Seemed very nice. 

There is a rundown playground in the main park and there is a newer playground in the middle of the baseball fields. We were here for a week with a 3 year old and we stayed mostly on the property. 

Security wise- there are streetlights on everywhere. I don't know if they are on all night(it's possible…we go to bed at 9pm) so you won't have a true"camping" experience of star gazing but you can peek out your tent if needed. Just make sure you have darkrest or something so the lights don't keep you up. 

Cleanliness- it was not busy at all so I can't attest to how it is when it is busy but I don't think I saw a single piece of trash anywhere. Each bathroom stall had clean trashcans with empty bags. And there are lots of trash cans throughout the park and people seemed to use them.

Sheriff Visit - I wasn't offended at all by this but it's worth noting that someone called the police because they were concerned about us. I'm guessing they saw my 3 year old and thought we might be homeless?? Anyway, a very nice Sheriff came by our tent and asked us if we needed help. It was I can only imagine a very typical welfare visit. He asked questions about heat so I pointed out the electricity poles. So if nothing else, you have some nosey people that might be worried enough to call the cops to check on you if you use the tent sites.