Amber W.

Burlington, WI

Joined August 2019

Love to camp with my two dogs 🐶

Amazing views

This island was beautiful and had very thick forestry, but plenty of room on the hiking path to hike. I loved that most of the land was untouched by humans. The views from our campsite were gorgeous! We stayed at site 6.

The sites are very secluded from one another so you hardly run into people. There is a place to use an open outhouse. Its sitting in the middle of the woods not too far from the campsites.

Theres also a lighthouse that you can hike to. It's really cool because it's on a huge rocky part of the island. It was locked but still cool. There were some signs to read with history there.

It's important to have a sea kayak or a motorized boat. If using a kayak make sure you have a wet suit! The water can be difficult and cold.