Amber S.

Minneapolis, MN

Joined March 2017

Camp on the Island for Shade and Trees

The car camping sites at this park are nice and well-shaded with a constant cool breeze to beat the heat. The hiking trail on the island is cute as well. One thing to be aware of, is there are a bunch of raccoons who have figured out this is the place to go for food so be sure to pack up all food before going to sleep at night.

The near by town is also nice and fun to stop by for lunch.

Great Cart-in Sites

This park is an easy drive from the Twin Cities and offers great cart-in sites. The sites are large and an easyl 1/4 mile walk with complete privacy.

The hiking here is alright nothing too exciting but pleasant.

Nice Hiking, Camping Seems Very RV Heavy

The hiking here is actually challenging and the open fields in lavender bloom are beautiful. There is also some nice history to the park so a great lesson for kids especially.

The camping however is very exposed and close to each spot. Also when I went through the grounds it was crammed full of RVs. It honestly seems to have tons of access for RVs so if that is your flavor I would suggest this park.

Just Alright

There isn't anything terrible about this park, but of all the MN options, this doesn't come close to most.

The hiking is boring, however it is on the lake so if you are into boating or fishing it might be great for people. The campsites are nice but pretty open to each other. However, this park does have a bunch of shade at the campsites which is great.

One thing to note is this park gets a ton of black flies so beware. They bite and are gross.

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One of the Prettiest Cart-In Sites in the State

While the park is honestly just so-so when it comes to hiking, the cart-in site is one of the best I have ever been to.

A short and easy cart trip to just stunning lakeside sites. The site was totally private and not visible from our parking spot. It was buggy though, so be warned into late August the bugs were thick!

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A Park with Quiet Beauty

While this park isn't a take your breath away experience, it is a solid park for hiking and solitude. We went in fall so we didn't get to enjoy but there was a beautiful sand beach to swim at that would be perfect in the summer time.

First to Review
Worth Drive for this Beauty and Solitude

This park is an undiscovered gem. During our visit we didn't see a single other person! The tundra prairie grass is gorgeous and unlike what you can see in most of the other parks.

The campground is perfect. We went in the non-electric side and had the place to ourselves. The electric sites do get busy and seemed to be used by families. Our site was nicely wooded for shade and there was good vegetation between sites for privacy.

Great Backpacking Site, but July is Rough for Bugs

This park is a nice one but we went in Mid-July and the bugs were terrible!!! So bad that we actually went into town to eat dinner at dusk to avoid the worst of it.

But back to the good, the back pack sites are GREAT! Totally private and there is a little shed on at the site (pictured) that came stocked with fire wood! I couldn't believe it. The hike to the site was a relatively easy under 2 miles, so you can go with a little more luxuries than other backpack sites. I will make a trip back next year during the fall.

Come for the Hiking but the Campground is more for Families

First, don't miss visiting this park, just a short drive from Duluth and the start of the jewels of the North Shore. The hikes are busy at the falls but if you go a little past that, they open up and the fauna is spectacular.

For the camping, I think this would be a great spot for families and car camping pros. For me it wasn't the right fit. I prefer a little more solitude and privacy. The sites are nice but close to one another. However, if the north shore is booked up (which does happen) I would be more than happy to camp here.

Perfect North Shore Experience

You can't go wrong with this park. The hiking is fantastic and can find something for all abilities and the camping is one of my favorite in the state. The hiking club trail is one of the longer one and does involve stairs, but the varied views are beautiful. All sites are Cart-In, what is great it each site has its own cart which doesn't happen at all parks. Some of the sites take more effort as they are up hill so a loaded cart will take a couple strong people to get up to (site 8) but the views are worth the pay off.