Amber B.

Portland , OR

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dirt bag in all the right ways

Nice spot for the night

Dunes are close so lots of atv peeps. Since they have trailer them out you don’t have the noise that you get at Riley or Horsfall. Overall a nice park and a good spot to set up if you want to hike, swim, paddle or ride atvs.

Good surprise

We snagged a one nighter here on a busy holiday weekend. We got a really great site with two levels, lots of trees and privacy. The grounds are well kept and it’s plenty quiet. There are lots of trails around to hike and we can never get enough of the OR coast views!

Pretty good if you don’t mind crowds

We snagged a no-show site here on the 4th of July. The grounds are well kept and the bathrooms/showers are really nice. There is a pretty lake trail and lots of recreation in the area. We had a nice night for the most part but it definitely wasn’t our style. Too many people, sites too close, lots of noise, lots of rvs and atvs. To be fair, it was a holiday weekend but I don’t think we’d like it much more if it wasn’t. If you have kids or an rv, it would be great. If you’re an adult and like to have some quiet time, not your spot.

can't beat the OR coast

this is a big campground and very well maintained. not very private but what it lacks there it makes up for in location. a quick walk to the beach from the grounds and you're going to love it. if you're unfamiliar with the OR coast let me enlighten you. it's not warm and cozy. it's windy and misty and wild. it's also breathtaking! the rugged shore, the driftwood, the wildlife (seals/eagles/otters! it's a great place to rockhound or go fishing. bring a jacket and an appetite for good ole fish and chips!

midge fly city

we love this spot. we've camped here a few times on the way to crater lake and/or california. the lake is sweet and there's a lodge/store for perusing. the sites are nice and the campground is situated in a beautiful area so you can explore on foot. there are water craft rentals if you're into that. if you go early june it's likely you'll run into midge fly time. i think it's a one week infestation if i remember correctly. they don't bite but are a huge nuisance. i mean you will lose your mind trying to deal with them. we still find carcasses in our gear from time to time. during the summer smokey the bear comes around to teach the kids about fire danger. it's cute.

ps. photos are on my camera so i'll be back with some of those :)

good little base camp

we got this spot unexpectedly. there was a time when bots grabbed up all the sites in yosemite and you'd have to deal with scalpers and high prices. then the rangers caught on and put an end to that nonsense. we happened to catch this site just as they released them after the bot battle. score! this campground worked out perfectly for us. just inside the park, big spaces, nice facilities, hikes. we had no idea what it would be like but it was really nice. our site backed up to the meadow and we would stroll there in the morning light and it was beautiful! i slept in the hammock one night and just as the light broke through a small group of deer meandered by. it was a small, quiet, magical moment.

ps. most of the photos are on my camera so i'll have to come back to this with better ones

love it!

this place is great. nice grounds, big spaces, beautiful lake. we picked a spot way out on the tip of the point and had to carry our gear pretty far but it was well worth it. private and spacious and lake front. we hung hammocks over the water and floated all day on our tubes. i got really sick the day we arrived, remained that way for the entire trip and still had a great time. oh and they have showers ahhhhh.

An old favorite

We've camped here several years in a row to watch the perseid meteor shower and it was always so peaceful. the lake is beautiful and perfect for paddling. the view of mt adams (my favorite!) is stunning and the light changes so much that it continuously feels new. there's plenty of walking around the lake and outside of the campground. huckleberries galore in august. the sites used to be 1st C/1st S and they accepted no reservations. the last time we went out it was a mess. really busy, most sites already reserved, very noisy and crowded. just a totally different vibe. we paid for three nights but left after two. i still love the location and the beauty of the area but will have to research a quieter time to visit.

Practically Perfect

no plan, just hoping. chatted with the gentleman working the museum at Lake Quinalt and he recommended Gatton. great spot! only five sites, all walk up, all right on the lake. we had our own private beach and it was lovely. the sites are close but private. the grounds are well maintained and have water, toilets. hikes and trails nearby so lots of walking opportunities. bring your kayak!


the short: lots of spots, nicely maintained, friendly host and walk to Rialto beach.

the long: we didn't really have a plan, just hoping to find a spot near La Push. we happened upon Mora and we were pleasantly surprised. we grabbed a site with lots of space and set up. we walked around all the loops and chatted up the host, Wendy. we purchased some wood for 5$ as we were almost out. we set out to walk to the beach with the dogs and it's a nice stroll. Rialto beach is beautiful! big trees and lots of sea stacks. be careful on the walk as the road has no shoulder and some drivers are not mindful to peds on that stretch. the grounds got pretty busy by nightfall but still peaceful. the road was a bit too near our site but it wasn't very noticeable after dark. the area is lovely and worth a stop if you're traveling through.

It'll do in a pinch

the short: noisy, rude host, dirty, nice canal, easy access

the long: we arrived around 2130 and took the last spot. phew! since we were so late and expected to leave before 0900 the next morning, we didn't bother setting up. kinda late to make a bunch of noise and deal with the dogs so we all slept in the truck. we strolled down to the water and around the grounds to get the night vibe of the place and sniff the brine coming off the canal. we took a look at the board and noticed there are a lot of restrictions/rules concerning the dogs. this seems to be a trend in campgrounds, parks and a lot of trail systems. most of it is understandable but sometimes it makes you feel less than welcome. we slept poorly that night because the traffic from 101 is VERY near and pretty constant. we were awakened before 0700 by screaming kids and the camp host placing a note on our window. apparently there are no restrictions/rules when it comes to child nuisances. what happened to quiet hours? the host wanted to let us know (at 0700!) that we needed to place our ticket on the post. never mind that we added payment to the box (with check out date that day) and hung our tag (with check out date that day) on the rear view mirror. check out is at 1100 so i'm pretty sure we'd be fine for four more hours with only two forms of notice. also, we're sleeping! go police the screaming children. we decided to get up and go since there wouldn't be peace. i got out and took a day look…meh. trash in the pit, trash on the ground and more traffic noise. the canal was lovely and if you like oysters it's a great spot to muck around. other than that, pass.